"Go all out!": Sat.1 broadcasts new episodes of the Zonk show

The retro wave on German television rolls and rolls.

"Go all out!": Sat.1 broadcasts new episodes of the Zonk show

The retro wave on German television rolls and rolls. On December 8th, she will wash the next classic ashore: game show "Go all out!" comes back again. Moderator Jörg Draeger (77) will present his old program for three episodes on Thursdays from 8:15 p.m. together with colleague Daniel Boschmann (42) on Sat.1, the broadcaster said. Randomly selected candidates from the audience have the chance to be presented with prizes in cash and in kind of various values. These can be found behind gates, in crates or envelopes. However, if you gamble, the so-called Zonk is waiting for you.

2022 celebrates "Go all out!" 30th anniversary. In 1992 Jörg Draeger played for goal 1, 2 or 3 in Sat.1 for the first time. The first season of the new edition was well received by 14 to 49 year olds at the end of 2021 and recorded market shares of up to 17.5 percent.

A candidate from the audience is selected at random. He can then usually decide on one of three containers, each of which represents a goal. At least one goal hides a prize, sometimes two goals hide prizes of different values. There may also be references to other goals in the envelopes. More than three envelopes are also possible. The moderators try to dissuade the players from their actual choice by offering ever increasing sums of money or to have them abandon the game. They also repeatedly give dubious tips that can change.

When you select a rivet, the Zonk, a mascot in the form of a red and black stuffed rat, awaits. A booming, low-pitched signal sounds. As a consolation prize, the candidate then receives a small plush Zonk. One of the winners is allowed to play the "Big Deal" at the end and bet his previous winnings. As soon as one agrees, the others are no longer allowed to participate. With the "Big Deal" a big prize (e.g. a car) can be won, but of course the Zonk is also there again. There are three choices. After the first choice, another goal is revealed and the candidate can change his mind again. Sound confusing? It is, but also quite fun.

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