GNTM 2024: Two guest jurors, outfit trouble and sexual fantasies on the catwalk

In Tenerife, the candidates receive catwalk training from Heidi Klum.

GNTM 2024: Two guest jurors, outfit trouble and sexual fantasies on the catwalk

In Tenerife, the candidates receive catwalk training from Heidi Klum. In addition, she has brought designer Marina Hoermanseder and male model Jon Kortajarena to her side. The Spaniard has been modeling since he was 18 and has worked for numerous major designers. "Karl Lagerfeld called me the best male model on a catwalk. I was very proud. Hearing that from him was very nice," says Kortajarena. His presence causes some participants to gasp. “The fact that you stand a few meters away from him and breathe the same air as him – that’s so cool,” enthuses Marvin. Sara admits that Jon Kortajarena was her first great love. Meeting him now would be “the fulfillment of all dreams”. The catwalk training especially causes problems for Fabienne, Lilian and Marcia. Among the men, Lucas shows some weaknesses and builds himself up like a bodybuilder. His conclusion: "I looked like a bouncer or like a penguin that was running."

Fabienne and Co. have to prove that they can do better at a fashion show. The models walk down the catwalk in Marina Hoermanseder's creations and are photographed at the end. Marcia has to take criticism again. “It works like a sleeping pill,” says Klum. Felice is also unlucky. She wears shoes that are too big, twists her ankle and steps on the lights in the studio. Franz is also slightly disoriented: he can't find the exit from the catwalk and stumbles through the curtain.

Designer Marina Hoermanseder is known for her extravagant outfits. For the first time she also designed men's fashion for GNTM. It can either be very tight - Frieder is wearing nothing more than a tiny leather thong - or extremely flashy. When Armin presents a pair of trousers and a headgear with colorful teddy bears, the twins Luka and Julian have to laugh. An action that designer Hoermanseder takes personally: "They laugh at my collection." Luka and Julian try to excuse themselves and explain that they laughed at Armin "because he is basically a funny person." An explanation that does not convince Hoermanseder. “This justifying and discussing things has to stop,” she says. She had previously warned the twins that they were chatting too much instead of concentrating on their work.

Designer Marina Hoermanseder has already been a guest in previous GNTM seasons. Their creations are always a challenge for the future models - this is no different in season 19. Male model Jon Kortajarena is there for the first time and is primarily supposed to coach the men. Hoermanseder and Kortajarena have some tips for the perfect walk down the catwalk. While she advises: "Look in the mirror and find yourself horny", he becomes even clearer: "Imagine that you see the person you like the most, the person you would like to have sex with, in front of you in the mirror. You do it for that person. But don't give it all away at once." At the fashion show, they then judge the candidates' performances together with Heidi Klum.

Lilian, Marcia and Felice are sent home by Heidi Klum in episode five. While Lilian and Felice accept the decision with composure, Marcia is shocked. She obviously didn't expect to have to leave the show so early. An explanation for the expulsion is quickly found: Marcia blames Marina Hoermanseder's outfit. "If the others had worn my dress, they wouldn't have even made it onto the catwalk. I can say that I had the most difficult dress on and I made the best of it," says the 23-year-old.

"It looks like you've peed your pants. Like you've got something in between and you don't want it to fall off." (Heidi Klum during catwalk training with Linus)