GNTM 2024: “Great bubble butt”: Heidi Klum meets the men for the speed casting

The 19th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” with Heidi Klum is currently running on ProSieben.

GNTM 2024: “Great bubble butt”: Heidi Klum meets the men for the speed casting

The 19th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” with Heidi Klum is currently running on ProSieben. For the first time, men are also allowed to apply for the format. You can find out everything you need to know about the second episode in our quick check.

At a casting in Berlin, Heidi Klum sifts through thousands of people interested in the new season. In groups of five, they have to walk down a catwalk and then briefly introduce themselves, like in speed dating. Klum sometimes asks the applicants to dance, sing or take off their shirt – like Dominik. “Would you like to show us your trained body?” asks Klum when the 27-year-old says that he likes to do sports. He stands in front of Klum with a bare torso - and is the only one in his group to advance one round. The 50-year-old states: “There are hot boys there this year.”

The personal stories of individual candidates are also remembered. Maximilian, for example, reports that he was rejected by his Polish parents when he came out as a gay man at the age of 16. "They kicked me out of my house and I was homeless because of my sexuality. I was able to sleep with friends and they always helped me," says the 21-year-old.

Candidate Stella also gets a lot of airtime for her fate. She was seven months pregnant when she got married at the age of 20. Just two months later, shortly before the birth of their child, her husband suddenly died of a heart attack. She had three more children with her second husband, and after the separation she is now raising her four sons alone. She wanted to go to GNTM 13 years ago, but withdrew her application due to her family situation. As a single parent, she now wants to realize her dream of modeling at the age of 34.

Heidi Klum's heart warms Marvin from Bielefeld. The 22-year-old says that his father is king of a tribe in Ghana and that he is, logically, a prince. In Germany he appears more modest: Marvin studies social work and works part-time in a supermarket. He still wouldn't have any objection to the GNTM title. "Because then I'm not only a well-known person in Ghana, but also in Germany. I'll prove that even a prince can win the show," says Marvin.

The selected candidates are supposed to walk in a fashion show, but shortly beforehand Heidi Klum delivers bad news. "I was so euphoric that I chose too many," she says. In order to select, Klum announces a test. "After that, some will have to leave us before the fashion show starts." This news shocks everyone. Viewers will only find out exactly what the test will look like in the next episode. The preview suggests that the fashion show isn't going smoothly either: several candidates stumble on high heels. During the casting, Klum directly eliminated a candidate who had problems with her high heels. Her verdict: "This is our craft. We have to be able to walk in high heels."

Heidi Klum enlists star designer Jean Paul Gaultier to support her. He should – also in the coming episode – assess the applicants together with her. After 2017, it is the second time that the Frenchman has appeared as a guest judge on GNTM. At that time he hired candidate Viola Beck as a model for his perfume campaign - a huge success. Now Gaultier is particularly pleased that men are also taking part in the show. "I think it's great. It's exciting and it will provide new energy," says the 71-year-old.

"When you came out, I immediately noticed that you have a really great bubble butt." (Heidi Klum during the casting for candidate Luca)