GNTM 2023: snap, snap, hair off: Heidi's traditional model makeover is on "GNTM".

It's makeover week at Heidi's models, and of course everyone's crying at the end.

GNTM 2023: snap, snap, hair off: Heidi's traditional model makeover is on "GNTM".

It's makeover week at Heidi's models, and of course everyone's crying at the end. As always, we hear enthusiastic lies at the beginning of the episode ("I just want to get rid of this disgusting, boring hair" - Anya), only to see trembling, teary-eyed Graces sitting at the dressing tables. Anya lied particularly bravely and was "rewarded" with a super-short pixie cut as punishment.

Competitor Nina is sensitive and shouts at her: "BOY! That looks so beautiful!" Tsihihi. "I don't want to look like a bird," sobs Selma, who gets a candy-pink mullet. Sarah, Snow White type, reacts even more dramatically to the threatened haircut. "I don't want to pretend, I want to stay the way I am," she sniffed heavily, quoting an old advertising slogan, demonstrating that she obviously didn't understand the modeling profession. Consequently, she semi-voluntarily leaves the show before the cut.

The only significant changes can be seen in three candidates at the end: Somajia gets waist-length dreadlocks and actually looks adorable with it, Selma now has cute bubblegum hair and Anya is not only cropped short, but also punished with Y2K talk show host highlights. The rest looks the same as before, just better blow-dried.

ProSieben also makes a big show about the fact that Heidi also sits in the hairdressing chair, while her flokati mane just gets a little blonder and smoother. Interesting this time: Not all "Meeedchen" get a type change. Some were allowed to stay behind in the villa ... and gossip heartily.


Remember seventh grade girl clicques? The models quarreled about as venomously after the return of the makeover candidates in the villa. Occasion: Anya is not amused that the rough Austrian Elsa and competitor Lara are discussing their "men's haircut".

When she says that, she is immediately yelled at loudly. "After you drag my mouth in the dirt..." Elsa yells confusedly across the living room and gasps for air. The rest of the pack of girls watches the battle of words with amusement. Almost bordering on bullying, since the somewhat aloof Anya doesn't seem to have a good standing within the group anyway.

Not bad: Star model Alessandra Ambrosio is visiting this time. The 41-year-old, once Heidi's "Victoria's Secret" colleague, makes the girls' eyes shine. She also teaches them the slightly more complex choreography for the final walk - the models are supposed to get out of a barber's chair, throw off the barber's coat and then strut.

But not everyone wants to practice with her, some girls don't quite dare, Anya insists that she doesn't "believe" in practicing. In the end, a lot goes wrong in the final … Ambrosio is approachable, her judgments are accurate, but empathetic.

Sarah goes voluntarily to preserve her ebony mane. Tracy also decides to pack of her own free will at the end of the episode because she is homesick and annoyed by the drama at the mansion. Heidi Klum had previously clearly described her as a favorite.

Otherwise everyone is allowed to stay, even Jülide and Elsa, who messed up badly on the walk. In the next episode, however, there will be a "shoot-out" at the photo shoot among several wobbly candidates and one girl will have to leave immediately. Alright.

"... you've trotted down so many catwalks!" (to Alessandra Ambrosio)