Gift ideas: Valentine's Day gift for the man: what should I give him?

Gone are the days when only women got something for Valentine's Day - like a bouquet of flowers or chocolates.

Gift ideas: Valentine's Day gift for the man: what should I give him?

Gone are the days when only women got something for Valentine's Day - like a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. It has long been common practice in our society to also give men a present on the day of love. Even if it is not a must, it is still used in many relationships. But there is a catch: the longer a couple has known each other, the more difficult it becomes to find a suitable gift with each passing year. Especially if it's just a little thing that doesn't cost the earth, but still comes from the heart. And if possible, it should also be used so that the gift doesn't end up in the bin. The question arises: What are you looking forward to on Valentine's Day? Below are ten practical gift ideas.

This small and handy jukebox from JBL fits in every pocket and is therefore the ideal companion for on the go. The portable Bluetooth speaker is also waterproof and can therefore also perform outdoors for up to five hours at a time thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery. The box is here.

Does your partner enjoy drinking whiskey? Then these reusable bricks are for him. In contrast to ordinary ice cubes, they do not melt and therefore do not dilute a fine drop. Instead, they only cool the drink - and look stylish. The stones are here.

If you think you already know everything about your partner, this game may prove you wrong. The card game for adults is not only about getting closer to your opponent, but about getting to know each other (even) better. The game is here.

Instead of the classic box of chocolates, you can surprise your partner with an unusual Valentine's Day gift: the game controller, made from delicately melting milk chocolate, is a tasty and funny gimmick for computer gamers. You can find the controller here.

Many men love gadgets that have several functions at once - such as this multifunction pen: It is a ballpoint pen, LED flashlight, glass breaker, bottle opener and Allen key in one. It is delivered in a tasteful gift box. The pen is here.

Even on Valentine's Day, the gift doesn't always have to be about just one person. Would you like to give your loved one something slippery that will benefit both of you? With this vibrator for couples, made of high-quality silicone, you can stimulate each other. Here you get the vibrator.

With this basic set you make every gin lover happy. In addition to the measuring cup, the gift box includes a bar spoon and a perforated ice scoop - to keep the melted water in the container. Two spouts can be added at an additional cost. The set is here.

In 2019, the ninth episode of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" was shown in German cinemas. And the famous millennium falcon was also part of the party - there is a practical and decorative wall clock in the spirit of Star Wars to go with it. Here you get the watch.

If you have absolutely no idea what to give your loved one for Valentine's Day, then give them the most valuable gift: time together. With the experience voucher "You

A simple pendant that comes from the heart. Crafted from leather and stamped 'Best Man', this Valentine's gift is a small way of saying thank you to your significant other. Because the gesture doesn't always have to be big to be understood. Here you get the trailer.

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