Gift idea: How children learn the art of magic with a magic box

If your child wants to become a magician, a magic box is the ideal way to get started.

Gift idea: How children learn the art of magic with a magic box

If your child wants to become a magician, a magic box is the ideal way to get started. Learning tricks has several advantages: on the one hand, it's fun and on the other hand, it promotes hand-eye coordination. Depending on the manufacturer, the magic boxes can differ in terms of the scope and number of tricks. The same applies to the age recommendation and the associated level of difficulty. For this reason, we present five different models to you below.

According to the manufacturer, this magic box from Kosmos is suitable for children between the ages of eight and twelve: The “Magic Gold Edition” contains 150 different tricks (from easy to challenging) that need to be learned. Various magic utensils that are included in the scope of delivery should help with this - such as a coin prison and a dice tower, a magic wand and magical card games. In order to understand the art of magic, the magic box also includes picture instructions that explain each trick step by step in an easy-to-understand manner.

With the magic box from Ravensburger, children aged six and over have the opportunity to learn the art of magic: according to the manufacturer, it contains simple tricks that are intended to make it easier for young magicians to get started. In addition to clear instructions, the contents include a real magic stage and a colorful range of matching accessories: for example a magic dice box, a magic cup, color chips and gold coins and of course a magic wand.

This magic box for children (from eight years old) from Kosmos is all about varied street magic. The set includes a total of 75 different tricks, which young up-and-coming magicians can learn not only via the accompanying picture instructions: all tricks are shown in detail online via video using a personal code. This should make it easier for children to practice and present the magic tricks. Here, too, there are a number of accessories included in the scope of delivery.

The German magician duo is known for their spectacular tricks. But the Ehrlich Brothers also started small and learned the art of street magic. Based on this, this magic box from Clementoni contains 40 tricks that children can easily learn and perform. Included in delivery is a magic cap, magic handcuffs, an exploding cube, a magic wallet and much more.

This premium magic box should be equally suitable for slightly older children (from ten years old!) and adults. There are “only” 15 professional tricks in it, but according to the manufacturer, they are supposed to be tough. In order to learn the tricks, suitable video instructions are made available online free of charge to all interested young magicians. To view these, all you have to do is open the associated link.

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