G.G. Anderson: Singer has recovered from facial paralysis


G.G. Anderson: Singer has recovered from facial paralysis

G.G. Anderson (72) can breathe easy: The pop singer has survived his facial paralysis. Shortly before Christmas last year, the 72-year-old suffered right-sided facial paralysis, and doctors blamed it on nerve inflammation. Nine months later, Anderson has now recovered, as he confirms to the "Bild" newspaper. "I'm so glad this nightmare is over," he says.

The pop singer was afraid that "the paralysis will never go back," as Anderson continues. "If she had stayed, I would have ended my Schlager career too. Then I would only have been ready for the ghost train." Several therapies were successful: According to "Bild", the singer was treated with ergotherapy and acupuncture, and speech therapy helped him with his language problems.

"I look better than ever now, the illness was like a makeover," says Anderson. The fans would have helped him the most - they would have "given him the feeling (...) that they love me even with a disfigured face". Accordingly, it was "absolutely right" to "go on tour despite facial paralysis and not to hide". He is also grateful to his wife Monika. It was "not easy" for her to "get through this time with me".

"But Monika stood by my side and she would have stayed with me if the paralysis hadn't returned. That's real love!" Anderson enthuses.

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