“Germany’s Next Top Model”: Nine candidates who will remain unforgettable

Heidi Klum (50) is looking for "Germany's Next Top Model" for the 19th time (from February 15th, Thursdays, 8:15 p.

“Germany’s Next Top Model”: Nine candidates who will remain unforgettable

Heidi Klum (50) is looking for "Germany's Next Top Model" for the 19th time (from February 15th, Thursdays, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben and Joyn). This time men are also allowed to take part - which may lead to completely new conflicts in the casting show. Because one thing has been part of “GNTM” from the start, like makeovers and Klum’s sentence “Unfortunately I don’t have a photo for you today”: arguments, tears, drama. Between rehearsals, castings and shootings, many candidates have been driving their fellow contestants and viewers crazy since 2006. After all: This means that the pain in the ass will be better remembered than some winners...

There's one thing you really can't accuse the candidate from the premiere season of: shyness. Unlike many model candidates, the Leipzig native has no problem at all with revealing shoots. She almost wasn't allowed to take part in the show because of topless photos for "Penthouse" magazine and made a name for herself on "GNTM" as a "nude slug". She ultimately only came in eighth place - but was able to use her fame and is now an integral part of show business.

The Schleswig-Holstein native made a memorable appearance in the Dortmund stadium: during a choreography, she didn't turn, but simply ran straight ahead. A scene that earned her censure from Heidi Klum, but made her unforgettable. She made life difficult for her colleagues during filming due to her excessive ambition - which led to some trouble. “In our season, I was portrayed as a total mean bitch from the beginning,” she later complained. After all, she benefited from the attention, got jobs as a presenter and actress, moved to the jungle camp, made fitness videos and built a life for herself in Dubai, where she lives with her partner and two children.

Probably no other candidate shed as many tears as the model with Brazilian roots. She was constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. No shooting took place without Gisele complaining. So she became known as the “GNTM crybaby”, whereby she even reached sixth place and eleven years later secured a ticket for the RTL jungle camp. There she once again lived up to her nickname - like some other "GNTM" drama queens.

While the winner of the third season, Jennifer Hof (32), quickly disappeared into obscurity, some of her competitors remained impressively remembered. In addition to Gisele, Gina-Lisa Lohfink also attracted attention with her untypical model appearance and brash behavior. Especially in a double act with Sarah Knappik (37), she strained her nerves on set and at home in front of the television. Her tears were legendary when her extensions were to be removed during the makeover... The twelfth place winner also went down in "GNTM" history forever with the saying "Zack die Bean".

The fourth season also had a lot of bickering and drama to offer. This was ensured by the self-confident Tessa, who doesn't like to be told anything. Scandal highlight: She stuck the finger at the camera in anger - and was thrown out of the show. She then took part in many other TV formats from “Die Model-WG” to “Reality Queens on Safari”. In 2023, in the jungle camp, she tried to proselytize her prominent colleagues and viewers about a vegan diet. There, too, she caused offense with her brash manner - and caused a scandal because she did not want to give an interview after a jungle test.

In addition to Tessa, Heidi Klum had another strong personality on board in 2009: the Austrian Larissa Marolt only gained a few sympathy points from her fellow contestants. On the one hand, this was because she got a place on "GNTM" thanks to the victory in the first season of "Austria's Next Top Model", and on the other hand, because of her extreme ambition. There were repeated clashes - like in the jungle camp five years later.

She was just 17 when she gained a reputation as an over-ambitious bitch. The candidate even got into a fight with juror Wolfgang Joop (79) with the often somewhat arrogant facial expression because she really wanted to wear red lipstick. Above all, she caused unrest in the model villa because she quickly made it clear to the other girls that she was aiming for victory, not friendships. She later harshly criticized the show creators and presenter Klum: "Heidi is a very wrong person. This show is bullying and physical assault on young women."

The woman from Hamburg presented herself quite strangely. She was always in a good mood, but somehow strange. For example, she always had the marmot mascot Herbert in tow, a gift from her partner at the time, who was 28 years her senior. She said yes - also unforgettable - in the live finale. Heidi Klum acted as the wedding celebrant, but did not bring happiness in love. Three years later they announced their separation. She then settled accounts with her ex, calling him a narcissist and saying the relationship was very toxic. The curious candidate also caused a stir with two leg extensions.

Two years ago, older women were allowed to take part for the first time. The most striking thing was the then 66-year-old, who even made it to the semi-finals in sixth place. However, since she often came across as clumsy and easily confused, there was criticism from viewers that she got this far. But Lieselotte had obviously won Heidi Klum's heart with her warm nature.