"Germany's next top model": Some have lost their laughter

"Germany's next top model" (Thursday, 8:15 p.

"Germany's next top model": Some have lost their laughter

"Germany's next top model" (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) is going to the beach this time. On Venice Beach, the women are supposed to pose in colorful disco outfits over white teddy bears in an oversized gripping arm. This time there are a lot of spectators and paparazzi. Which the models really like. "You feel like a star," says Anya (19). Still.

For Heidi Klum's (49) taste, however, the top model candidate is too cool. "Have some fun!" she yells at her several times, but not much moves in Anya's face. Ina (44), who has only been there since last week, also has problems finding a nice pose and something natural in the claw.

Adding to the fun is a handsome guy who, shirtless and skateboard in hand, shamelessly digs at Heidi as he passes by, then asks the models which one will win and - while he's being dragged away by security - calls out his Instagram name to them. "He looked pretty good, didn't he?" asks Heidi via megaphone. And more about himself: "Yes, I thought so too."

Away from work, the models are still concerned about Leona's sacking last week. Lone warrior Anya gets the anger again. Because she had considered leaving the show in a weak moment, the others in the round of blasphemers now accuse her of indirectly taking her place.

Distraction brings Nikeata Thompson (42) to the villa, who trains the models for the elimination walk and wants to see creative poses. The girls don't seem to be able to think of much, which becomes an even bigger problem. "Oh God, the same pose again!", the choreographer is very annoyed after the fifth glance over the shoulder. And also says: "The models are not on the same level."

In replicas of JLo's jungle dress, it's early in the morning towards the catwalk on the beach. In the backstage area, the models diligently practice poses - secretly. Almost everyone is now afraid that the competition could steal their poses.

Finally in their fluttering green dresses on the catwalk, some models are now too "creative" in their poses, or as Nikeata puts it, "a little over the top." Ina and Anya get a lot of criticism again. Ina shows neither lightness nor naturalness on the catwalk. "You were super stiff," criticizes Nikeata. And Anya laughs at an imaginary audience on the catwalk to the right and left, which Heidi and Nikeata perceive as "very strange".

Ultimately, Ina has to go and is disappointed that she didn't get a chance to develop further. Anya seems to be even more disappointed, especially with herself. Although she is further, but can not stop crying. To be on the safe side, Heidi asks her several times if she has the strength to stay in the competition. Anya assures: "I'm not going."

Mentally, she must have planned a lot with it. With her intense emotions, Anya arouses even more the annoyance of the annoyed group. Vivien (22) makes the majority opinion clear: "I don't think it's fair that Ina has to go so that Anya stays here, because Anya has already had many opportunities."