"Germany's next top model": Being beautiful is out

For years, girls with the dream of becoming "Germany's next top model" (Thursday, 8:15 p.

"Germany's next top model": Being beautiful is out

For years, girls with the dream of becoming "Germany's next top model" (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) train the sexy hip movement and the elegant gait - and then "GNTM" comes in 2023 and wants exactly the opposite.

But before that, the models are off to Alice's Wonderland: the girls are supposed to pose magically with crazy hat creations on their heads, which almost everyone manages effortlessly with the pretty backdrop and perfect make-up. Photographer Brian Bowen Smith ensures a good mood - but one of the hat cords soon bursts.

Almost all the girls come back to the changing room beaming after their shoot, are applauded by the others and talk about their success. With Anya (19) things are a bit different. As a self-proclaimed lone fighter, she consciously separates herself from the group - but she still wants the applause of the others. "Hardly anyone is happy for me, that makes me so sad," she barked at the whole group out of nowhere.

The tears flow, the lack of understanding on both sides is great. Cassy (23), who stole her big moment as a result, is angry: "It annoys me now. Now you come home and we have tension in the room. [...] That fucks me up!" The problem drags on until the next day. Then the girls ask Anya to change rooms. The outsider first tries to defuse the situation with an apology, but still has to move. And then wants to have even less to do with everyone.

Then distraction comes into the house: Heidi Klum (49) introduces her good friend, visionary designer and "Making the Cut" winner Yannik Zamboni, whose clothes the girls will wear on the Elimination Walk. A little different than usual, though. His fashion is particularly extravagant, edgy and breaks with the norm. "All looks are all-gender-inclusive and you should see that in the model," explains Zamboni during the teaching. He has precise ideas for this: Yannik doesn't want to see a sexy swing of his hips, no hands on his hips, his announcement is "confident, tough and I don't give a fuck". His models should stomp instead of hover and pose with legs apart instead of ladylike. "She looked like she wanted to kill someone," is his greatest praise.

Styling and clothes emphasize the next day: It's no longer about being boringly pretty here. The girls get shaky circles of kajal around their eyes, oily strands of hair slapped in their faces, two are supposed to go on the catwalk with bare bottoms. It's still in Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, including passers-by and their cell phones.

However, the practice was worth it: on the catwalk, the models make their mom more than proud. Like focused zombies on the hunt for the next superficial Barbie, they stomp towards Heidi and Yannik in their torn and deconstructed clothes, looking scary but also pretty cool. Naked ass, wobbly boots, filming spectators? No problem. They don't give a fuck. When the completely transformed Somajia (21) comes onto the catwalk, Klum can no longer control her jaw: "Who is that?!" With Cassy, ​​who runs confidently and bare-bottomed, Heidi's only concern is "that the people back there don't have a heart attack". The jurors soon despair of their exemplary protégés: "They practiced, nobody wants to get kicked out today."

But some are not able to do the job well: Emilia (19), who could not control her hips or hands. A shock for the 1.94 tall model candidate, for whom a childhood dream bursts. Eliz (22) has to go as well, but says goodbye to the experience at "GNTM" more positively. To everyone's surprise, that wasn't it: Zoey (26) is also out. She can't believe it and reacts with self-confident anger: "Honestly, nobody expected me to be out."