"Germany's Next Top Model" 2023:: Heidi Klum directs clear words to critics

It's that time again! Heidi Klum (49) invited to the new season of "Germany's Next Top Model" on ProSieben (also on Joyn).

"Germany's Next Top Model" 2023:: Heidi Klum directs clear words to critics

It's that time again! Heidi Klum (49) invited to the new season of "Germany's Next Top Model" on ProSieben (also on Joyn). And it starts spectacularly. The 29 candidates are off to the film city of Los Angeles. Last year everything was under the motto "diversity", but this time the models are again very different. Except for the average age: All candidates are between 18 and 26 years old.

Heidi Klum used the beginning of the new season to clarify something. After the last final, criticism of the TV format rained down. The models would be treated badly and the motto "diversity" would only have been a fake. "I come from a time when you were no longer booked if you were larger than 34," the model boss looked serious return. It often happened to her herself: "Fortunately, times are different today. Where 'diversity' stops for others, we continue at GNTM". After that was said and further allegations commented on, the search for the "model with that certain something" could begin.

At the start, Heidi made a whole film city clear. There the candidates should meet the "GNTM" boss for the first time. A notoriously exciting moment and the first opportunity to present oneself.

Especially Cassy from Hamburg had prepared for it. In a radiant green catsuit with matching green high heels, the 23-year-old with her fire-red hair was a colorful hit. Your clear mission - all eyes on you. "The outfit simply represents me 100 percent. I'm not made for normal life. I have to be in front of the camera," says the self-confident young model. "You put on a superhero suit today," said Heidi Klum in astonishment. "Attract attention, provoke and be different" is her thing. The self-proclaimed feminist explained that this is also shown by her "Fighter" tattoo on her lower back.

Elsa was also bursting with self-confidence. "On a scale of one to ten, I would give myself an eleven," the 18-year-old clarified. That would make her the jealousy of many women, especially online. But Elsa simply understands the jealous comments as a compliment. The Austrian obviously has bigger problems with the English language. In L.A., the hairdresser could hardly communicate, but at least made the team laugh with the misunderstandings that arose.

Indira's idea also caught the eye. "Like Hanni and Nanni," explained the 20-year-old, who showed up at Heidi Klum with two different sneakers on her feet. Previously, she had swapped a shoe with her friend. "My son did that too, but he was six then," the model boss commented on the shoe swap.

After getting to know each other, we went directly to the first fashion show. The glamorous dresses by fashion designer Peter Dundas (54) were available for this. During the fitting, Katherine in particular was unsure of her walk. But after the designer's positive encouragement, the 20-year-old gained self-confidence. "Fake it till you make it," the fashion designer said to all the models on the catwalk. Under the eyes of Heidi Klum, Peter Dundas and supermodel Winnie Harlow (28), who was a guest, the models had to prove themselves for the first time.

Leona struggled and wobbled with every step. You could see that on her face too. And then it happened. In the very short dress, the brunette fell and had trouble crawling back up the steps. Arriving behind the stage, the tears flowed first. But the other models tried to rebuild their colleague. Leona's fall shouldn't be the only one of the evening either.

Somajia (21) was also worried about such an accident. Then the self-proclaimed chatterbox and "Black Pearl" passed the catwalk in a particularly stiff but accident-free manner. Even Indira's "limping" gait did not cause any enthusiasm for Heidi Klum. But the 49-year-old seemed to have seen some rays of hope. Nina, Olivia, Eliza and other candidates were happy to receive praise.

Then came the first decision of the season. While models like Ida were able to enchant the jury, the "GNTM" journey for Alina, Indira, Elisabeth and Ana came to an end in the premiere edition of "Germany's Next Top Model".