Georgia couple reunited with pet lost in South Korea for Weeks

US Army medic and spouse moved from South Korea into Georgia, lost kitty across the way

Georgia couple reunited with pet lost in South Korea for Weeks

While residing in Korea, Bénévise had embraced a kitten she called Cauliflower, or Cauli for brief. The couple planned to attract their cat together since they transferred back into the U.S., but as a result of a visa difficulty and also the prerequisites for importing pets in the U.S., Bénévise needed to go back to the U.S. prior to the cat would and while Lane was finishing his stint at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, according to the report.

They discovered another family in the bottom to watch Cauli before Lane was prepared to bring her into the U.S. at October. However during a halt on the road into the airport, the cat escaped from the vehicle and ran away, according to the report.

"It frankly was soul-crushing," Bénévise informed WSAV.

They achieved on different Facebook groups for individuals at Camp Humphreys, according to the report. They offered a reward, originally $500 and afterwards as large as $1,500, to anybody who may grab the cat in their opinion.

"A number of my friends were like,'It is OK Lucie, you did whatever you can.' And I understood, for example, I did not do what I can, I could still last," she told the TV channel. "I really don't believe I need to give up"

He had turned into a text using a photograph of Cauli from somebody who had found her. She was drifting the foundation and, besides being somewhat dirty and somewhat skinnier, was OK.

The family who'd watched Cauli earlier managed to care for her , till they found somebody else in the army who had been flying out of South Korea to Atlanta a month, Bénévise informed WSAV. The few met the guy in the airport and have been reunited with Cauli. Bénévise stated she paid the guy a reward to the problem of transporting the cat globally.

"I understand it could not have been simple to have the kitty with him throughout the trip, however, he said she was nice," Bénévise informed WSAV.

The couple eventually brought their cat house, after being thousands of miles apart for weeks. Bénévise told WSAV the Cauli immediately made herself at home on her kitty tower.

"I felt a lot of aid," Bénévise told the TV channel. "I understand that nobody can appreciate her as much as I adore her."

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