George: That's why they missed their grandfather's coronation

The Coronation of King Charles III.

George: That's why they missed their grandfather's coronation

The Coronation of King Charles III. (74) in Scotland last Wednesday (July 5) was in several respects far more tranquil than those of May 6 in England. There was no trace of comparable crowds of people on the side of the road who wanted to attend the procession - as well as many members of the royal family. Three mini royals in particular went off: Neither Prince George (10) nor Princess Charlotte (8) nor the baby Prince Louis (5) attended their grandfather's coronation in Edinburgh. However, this is for understandable reasons, as now, among other things, "The Mirror" reports.

All three of Prince William's (41) and Princess Kate's (41) children are in the final week before the summer holidays - and school is now taking precedence over the Royals. Since William and Kate were trying to give their kids as normal a childhood as possible, their absence in Scotland was all the more understandable. The three currently all attend Lambrook School, not far from their home at Windsor Castle.

Of course, with the trio absent, the Scotland coronation was lacking in cuteness. At Charles' coronation in London and most recently at the "Trooping the Color" military parade, George, Charlotte and Louis shone with a great deal of childish charm.

Her parents William and Kate ensured a good mood in Scotland: In several pictures taken before, during and after the service in Edinburgh, both are in a good mood. In one photo, Kate enters St. Giles Cathedral beaming. Others show her apparently whispering something in William's ear and even seeming to give him a little smack on the bottom during the service, according to Britain's Daily Mail.

At the ceremony, Charles was presented with the Scottish Crown Jewels. These include a crown and scepter as well as a sword of state. A sword from the collection, which dates from the 16th century, is now too fragile, it was said in the run-up to the celebration. Therefore a new sword had been made, the "Elizabeth Sword", named after Charles' late mother, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022).