Gardening: Chop, cut, care: Six sets of garden tools compared

Order is half the gardener's life.

Gardening: Chop, cut, care: Six sets of garden tools compared

Order is half the gardener's life. Nevertheless, at the latest with the sharp start to the gardening season, a medium-heavy chaos often arises in the tool shed within days, which, as is well known, only geniuses can master. Anyone who is tired of the annoying search for weeders, secateurs and planting trowel can make life easier with a garden tool set. The compact helper packages are specially designed for the garden, but are also a bit slimmed down with practical tools for the balcony and terrace. Five garden tool sets in comparison.

Hobby gardeners not only get seven (garden tools) in one fell swoop with this tool set from Garten Pötschke. So that you can use rake, shovel, scissors

You get a tool shed in miniature format with the Tacklife garden tool set. The small tools are stowed away in a carrying bag with eight slots. And the content should not only make fans of the vegetable garden happy. With pruning shears, transplant trowel, garden fork, planter, weed cutter and plant trowel, the ornamental garden also stays in good shape. Ten plant labels for somewhat absent-minded allotment gardeners, a roll of garden wire and the obligatory apron make the garden handbag a practical companion.

Four wins. WOLF-Garten sends a practical quartet of the most important helpers in this small comparison of five sets of garden tools. The bypass secateurs should not be missing here, nor should a hand cultivator. Pull out the joint scraper to remove annoying moss and weeds from joints. Finally, the flower trowel helps to make the balcony box, rock garden or flower pot colorful. In short: If you are still looking for a small gift for garden fans, you won't go wrong with this garden tool set.

The two tools in this rather minimalist garden tool set by Gärtner Pötschke come with handles made of fine ash wood. Flower trowel and hand fork are made of stainless steel. Practical: If they are not in use, the devices can be hung up on a small leather strap. There are also work gloves made of pigskin. So nothing for vegans. The target group of this garden tool set are hobby gardeners with a balcony or terrace. Much more than planting balcony boxes or flower pots is not possible with the noble devices. Visually, you are way ahead of the curve.

The eleven of the day. You don't need any special tactics to make good use of this eleven-piece garden tool set from Dewinner. In addition to the six-pack of small equipment, two knee pads for working on the ground, a spray bottle, a pair of gloves with garden claws and a roll of floral wire (2 meters) for tying up fall out of the carrying bag. Trowel, scissors and the like are made of polished aluminium. The ergonomic handles should also feel comfortable in the hands of young gardeners.

Anyone who wants to become a master at sowing, cutting and planting can practice gardening early on. The Toi-Toys garden tool set for children is ideal for the first digging experiments. The good news for all parents: All gardening tools are made of plastic - even the "pruning shears". The five helpers for small hands come in a professional tool case that the young gardeners can easily carry themselves. For example to her first own bed. The set is not for children under the age of three. Preschool kids could have great fun with rake, hoe, shovel and rake.

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