Garden furniture: Hollywood swings in winter: how to safely survive the frost

The days of enjoying a cold drink on the porch swing in the garden or behind the house after work are over.

Garden furniture: Hollywood swings in winter: how to safely survive the frost

The days of enjoying a cold drink on the porch swing in the garden or behind the house after work are over. It's still a while until spring. Sure, a hot drink and a cozy blanket are an option. But most of them currently prefer to make themselves comfortable in the warm living room, while the porch swing outdoors has to defy wind and weather. If you have to leave the garden swing outside for reasons of space, you should pack it weatherproof or, even better, winterproof. Otherwise the lively summer evenings could soon be numbered. This is how you weatherproof a swing seat and this is important before packing.

Anyone who has no way of keeping the bulky Hollywood swing in the conservatory, garage or elsewhere dry over the winter should not immediately throw a protective cover over the comfortable swing sofa. Wooden constructions in particular react very sensitively to the unavoidable temperature fluctuations during the cold season. Even if you are covered with a tarp. Therefore, if possible, treat wooden furniture with a special oil for outdoor use before storing it. Important: In order for the wood oil to achieve the desired effect and protect the wood accordingly, it should be at least ten degrees Celsius when oiling. If in doubt, it is better to postpone oiling until spring.

Under no circumstances should you postpone the repair work on a swing seat with a steel frame. The motto before storage: Get to the rust spots, leaks or the chipped coating! Rust stains and damage to the coating should first be sanded off and then covered up with a touch-up pen (e.g. from Picobello) in the appropriate color. If possible, this work should also be carried out at moderate outside temperatures. In the case of hammock frames made of plastic, it is sufficient if they are wiped with a clean, damp cloth before packing.

While the frame can easily be made weatherproof and thus not damaged even in frost outside, all the supports belong in the cellar, in the attic or in another dry and warm place. If the cushions are left outside in winter, they no longer dry completely. The consequences: mold stains and, in the worst case, mould. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also remove and store the roof cover.

If the cushions are safe and the frame is prepared for frosty days and nights, the swing seat can move into the mobile garage. The covers are available in all colors and many materials. But the most important thing is of course the size. If you are unsure, it is best to measure with a folding rule so that you do not fall out of the clouds later. Depending on the model of the hammock, a protective cover in a box shape or with a pitched roof are suitable as winter quarters. Also important: the protective cover should not only be robust and waterproof, but also made of UV-resistant material. In addition, it should be ensured that the air can circulate under the protective tarpaulin. This is made possible by small ventilation holes. Some manufacturers also work with breathable material. The closure is a matter of taste. Solid, sewn-in zips are a safe bet. Alternatively, a Velcro fastener is sufficient. In terms of air circulation, the Velcro version has an advantage. On the other hand, the zipper should protect the rocking piece of jewelry a little better from dust and flying dirt.

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