From classic to unusual: Trench coat trends 2024: These are the four must-haves this year

Almost everyone knows it, many have it, others want it: the trench coat.

From classic to unusual: Trench coat trends 2024: These are the four must-haves this year

Almost everyone knows it, many have it, others want it: the trench coat. Detectives, journalists, investigators – the long coat has been making its big appearance in films for decades. And for as long as we can remember, it has also been a warming must-have in real life. It can be thrown on quickly and attracts enthusiastic looks. The history of the trench coat goes back to the end of the 19th century. First up was Thomas Burberry, whose last name is now at least as well known as his trench coat. The jacket initially served as a raincoat for the British army in the First World War - "trench" is the English term for trench. Today it warms people in a much more pleasant atmosphere.

The trench coat is now used for the way to the office, to the club, to the café, and, and, and. It turns even the baggiest outfit into a chic eye-catcher. No matter what color, what material or what cut – there is always the right trench coat for every outfit, every figure and every occasion. In the following overview you will find four versions that belong in every wardrobe.

This trench coat always works. The long coat is classic beige and has a straight cut. A belt on the stomach emphasizes the waist. It can make short people appear taller and make them look slimmer. Tip for smaller wearers: The perfect coat ends either a hand's width above or below the knee. Otherwise the coat will make you look even smaller. The eye-catching black buttons are a classic. The trench coat is ideal as a transitional jacket in spring or autumn. But the classic trench coat is also popular on mild summer days. So it should be part of every wardrobe's inventory.

The oversized look is on trend. Whether oversized trousers, sweaters, dresses, T-shirts: oversized clothing is an absolute must-have. Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, the oversize look was important to every fashion-conscious person. After a decade-long break characterized by tight clothing like skinny jeans, the look is now coming back. And of course this is also evident in the trench coats. Wide sleeves, broad shoulders – thick hoodies and wool sweaters fit under the oversized trench coats. This makes the wide coat suitable for winter. Otherwise it is great to wear in spring, summer and autumn.

You might immediately think of “The Matrix” when you think of leather trench coats, but now the coat isn’t just having its Hollywood moment on screen. Even on the way to the club or in everyday situations, the item of clothing deserves an Oscar and attracts the attention of many onlookers. So if you want the cool agent look, the leather trench coat is the right choice. It is available in genuine leather - which is particularly warm - or in imitation leather, partially lined. This cool trench accompanies you even through cold winter days.

This look is for the brave. With the patent trench coat you will attract everyone's attention. The shine will make you stand out from the crowd. And other outfits pale next to your daring outdoor look. The coat is also particularly easy to care for: stains can be easily wiped off. The shiny trench coat is also available in many different colors. Guaranteed to stand out!

Classic, oversized or patent and leather – there is a suitable trench coat for every moment and every type of clothing. And it doesn't necessarily have to be the Burberry coat. You can find the stylish trench coat in almost every store and online shop in different price ranges.

Quelle: “Burberry”

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