Freya Ridings on Charles' coronation concert: singer reveals details of the big celebration

On May 6th, King Charles III.

Freya Ridings on Charles' coronation concert: singer reveals details of the big celebration

On May 6th, King Charles III. (74) and his wife Camilla (75) were solemnly crowned at Westminister Abbey in London. A day later, a coronation concert for the British monarch takes place on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Stars like Katy Perry (38), Lionel Richie (73) and Take That will perform in front of 20,000 spectators. Also part of the line-up is British singer-songwriter Freya Ridings (29). "It's such an honor to be asked," says the London-born singer, whose new album Blood Orange was released on April 28. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Ridings does not hold back when it comes to her feelings and opinions on the British royal family.

Freya Ridings: It's a healthy mixture of nervousness and joy. I'm singing a cover, not an original song. That helps a little with the nervousness. It's such an honor to have been asked. I'm a big fan of medieval and royal history. So it's something that my mom and I will be jumping up and down and screaming at because it's just very exciting. I am sure that I will notice my nerves at some point. But right now it feels like a very exciting honor.

Ridings: I can't reveal which song we're going to play. It's a cover version of a famous 80's song, a ballad version. I play with a 74-piece orchestra. I'm wearing a beautiful dress and it will be in front of Windsor Castle with a real spectacle in the sky. It is about charitable causes related to the environment and biodiversity, something that is very close to the heart of the king. Something that is also very important to me.

Ridings: I'm a big fan of the royal family, especially what they do for charity. I think they behave very dignified. I am in awe of the work they have done, especially the King with The Prince's Trust. My mother was in a theater company funded entirely by The Prince's Trust. My brother also worked at a special people's theater called Chicken Shed, which was also funded by charities that supported the royals. So I've seen a lot of the good work they do. I am very honored to be a part of it.

Ridings: I have performed for Prince William and Princess Kate at private charity events. They are kind and humble people. They're very down to earth, very kind and big fans of music in general - especially of British female artists who write their own songs. It means a lot to me that you support me. So I'm looking forward to seeing her again and meeting His Majesty too - which is very surreal to be honest. But I will meet him and thank you for the invitation.

Ridings: As a kid I was always a big fan of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That. So it will be a very special experience. You have to pull yourself together when you meet people who are childhood heroes. But when you meet them, they are usually very down to earth, nice people. So I'm looking forward to seeing them perform as well. I'm happy to get a ticket for this show. And I can't wait to see what they do. Katy Perry has done a lot to support young women through her Fireworks Foundation and charities. I think they are absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see them live.

Ridings: We are in Windsor the day before the concert to rehearse there. So I'm going to bring my mum and we'll probably watch the coronation on TV or maybe hit the streets to get some of the atmosphere. I was originally supposed to be playing at my local street festival, but I guess I've now been promoted to the actual event.

Ridings: I chose this title because I was very inspired by the 70's and wanted something that felt organic and euphoric. Also, this album has a lot to do with personal growth and the fact that I've moved from being heartbroken and isolated when I started writing to the sweeter side of being in love - which happened in two distinct stages. So there are two very different halves on this album: one half is very bitter and the other half is very sweet. On top of that, I'm red-haired, so that also goes with the color orange (laughs).

Ridings: I think every song breaks a kind of taboo that I didn't dare to say. Be it in the title track "Blood Orange" where I admit that I was ecstatically and euphorically in love and I was so relieved that I got through those heartbreaking years. Or in "Bite Me" where I go back to the beginning of the story. I looked for my ex in every supermarket and passed his house on my daily walk. My brother had to pick me up and drag me away. Or "Weekends" when I admitted that I really didn't have any friends and was very lonely, although it seemed like I was the most social person and gave concerts every night. It looked different than it was on the inside. The song "Perfect" is about my body and the struggles I've had with it over the years. It still almost brings me to tears when I sing it. But it's so liberating to take it out into the world. Every scary subject I sing about feels like I'm overcoming it and coming out stronger. That's why I love songwriting, because it's almost like therapy. It takes you out of your comfort zone.

Ridings: I have many tips on how to deal with it. You should rebuild yourself and use that as fuel to become the best version of yourself. You will grieve but you will heal. And then you will spend time with people who love you. You will let go, let yourself fall. When you paint, pick up a brush. If you sing, pick up a guitar, and if you haven't met friends in a long time, then meet them. When you do something out of pain that you wouldn't have done without it, it suddenly becomes a strength. Every time someone hurt me, I danced in my bedroom or in the kitchen, sang at the piano, and wrote a song. And then suddenly the pain wasn't meaningless anymore, it had a meaning - and that still applies to me today.

Ridings: I think for me dancing, singing and writing are medicine for a broken soul. We eventually forgot that the antidote is sitting with the people you love, singing, or dancing like a maniac to Taylor Swift in the bedroom. There are so many ways to feel euphoric or reinvent yourself as a person - even if it's through a new hairstyle. If you should get back together, you will be a better version of yourself. If not, they will regret the day they lost you. A good life is the best revenge, as my mother used to say. I manage to stay positive even in difficult times and look ahead. I imagine better times. During the lockdown when there was no hope of playing concerts I imagined what it would be like to be back on stage in Glastonbury.

Ridings: We are in the process of planning one. I can't wait to play in Germany again. It's one of my favorite things I've ever done. Munich, Frankfurt - you welcomed me like a real friend. Even when people didn't really know my music, I've never forgotten that. I will put so much love into my Germany tour and personally say thank you for the love and support you have shown me and my music.