Fragrance bestsellers: Perfume for men in the Black Friday sale: 10 popular men's fragrances

No matter whether light or intense, woody or bitter, fresh or heavy - every perfume has its own character.

Fragrance bestsellers: Perfume for men in the Black Friday sale: 10 popular men's fragrances

No matter whether light or intense, woody or bitter, fresh or heavy - every perfume has its own character. To find out which scent is right for you, you just have to know how it would affect those around you. If you are very self-confident, an intense perfume suits you better than a subtle scent. If you are more of an elegant type, a perfume with a light scent may be your best choice. For particularly sensual men, however, a fresh aroma is more suitable. However, since not only the intensity of a perfume is a decisive purchasing factor, but also the composition, the fragrance experience and even the bottle itself, we will show you ten bestsellers that are currently among the most popular men's fragrances.

One of its most striking features is the fruity, tangy top note of citrus fruits, which was combined with cinnamon, sandalwood and vetiver (Asian sweet grass) - this gives the perfume its typical woody-oriental note and smells very intense and fresh. The scent is here.

François Demachy, creator at Dior, wanted to express pure and obvious masculinity in this fragrance: "Like the image of a man that is timeless and never goes out of fashion." The result is a perfume that combines the hot and spicy note of bergamot, the woody essence of amber and the masculine accents of vanilla from Papua New Guinea. The scent is here.

Inspired by a sailor, Jean Paul Gaultier wanted to create "Le Male" a perfume that was masculine and sexy at the same time. The result is a very calming fragrance for men that sets modern accents. The combination of lavender, bergamot and cardamom creates a woody-oriental scent with a sensual, fresh intensity. The scent is here.

It's not without reason that the bottle looks like a trophy: this eau de toilette is intended to appeal to the masculine winner type. In particular, the heart note of the perfume - a hint of laurel - is said to be reminiscent of ancient Rome, where the heads of victorious heroes were decorated with the plant. The eau de toilette has a fresh and woody scent and was developed for men with character. The scent is here.

Not only the fragrance itself, but also the commercial for it is a timeless classic. Who doesn't know him, the fit man who jumps off a cliff into the sea? Even though the actor has been replaced several times, Davidoff still swears by his tried and tested concept. The same goes for the scent: Cool Water is an extremely aromatic scent that reflects the freshness of the ocean in the form of lavender, rosemary, mint, jasmine, geranium, sandalwood, musk and amber. The scent is here.

Chanel is one of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry spread around the globe. The best-known fragrance, "Chanel N°5", is one of the best-selling perfumes in Germany - but it was developed for women. For men, however, "Bleu de Chanel" was created in 2010 - an aromatic, woody scent with amber and musk notes or a bitter cedar note. For more masculine esprit. The scent is here.

Versace launched this perfume for men back in 2012: Named after the Greek god of love, Eros combines the freshness of mint leaves, Italian lemon peel and green apple with an oriental note - created by tonka bean, amber, geranium flower and vanilla. The very masculine smell is rounded off by cedar wood, vetiver and oak moss. This is where the scent comes from.

Every perfume is made up of a base note, a middle note and a top note. In the case of Guilty pour Homme, the base notes consist of amber, musk, sage, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver and incense - this gives the scent a masculine note. The heart notes consist of geranium, jasmine, patchouli, allspice, pink pepper, sandalwood and cedar. And the top notes of basil, bergamot, tarragon, ginger, lavender, papyrus wood, petitgrain and lemon. This makes the perfume smell spicy and aromatic. The scent is available here.

Due to its floral yet spicy aroma, this perfume is considered an absolute summer scent. Released on the market in 2002, the aromatic, woody amber fragrance is made up of bergamot, calone, rosemary, nutmeg, cardamom, musk and plumeria - and does not contain any lemon, although this ingredient is usually found in all summer fragrances. A fruity character still prevails. The scent is here.

This perfume for men has been around since 1989 - which makes the scent a real classic. Its heart note, consisting of cinnamon, orange blossom and jasmine, mixes with floral and woody aromas of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, tobacco, musk and honey. This creates an exotic mixture that makes this fragrance a timeless perfume. The scent is here.

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