For just under 60 euros: a goods value of 187 euros: is the Asam Beauty advent calendar worth it?

There are many different types of advent calendars.

For just under 60 euros: a goods value of 187 euros: is the Asam Beauty advent calendar worth it?

There are many different types of advent calendars. There is also something for beauty and make-up fans. One variant is the Asam Beauty Advent Calendar 2022. We took a closer look at the content and evaluated whether the purchase price of just under 60 euros was worth it.

Note: The price of the calendar varies from provider to provider. It can be found in some drugstores and on the dealer side at a price of just under 60 euros, at other dealers at a higher price due to the strong demand.

The first impression of the calendar is good: it comes in a festive red and gold design and is visually appealing. What is in the calendar always exceeds the purchase price: there is, for example, a caffeine shampoo, an eye balm, a hyaluron serum, the well-known Magic Finish make-up by M. Asam, a smooth roller, hair serum and oil as well as masks and serums contain. It is striking that the selection is varied: there are surprises to be discovered behind the 24 packets for face, hands, feet, hair, body and for the bathroom. That is very positive. After all, who can use umpteen different products for the face well?

Especially nice: Many of the products are suitable for both men and women and are therefore suitable for sharing. The sizes are chosen in such a way that you can really test the products extensively and decide afterwards whether you should get more supplies. The products smell pleasant, not obtrusive and are partly sustainable, like the products from ahuhu.

The Asam Beauty advent calendar is definitely recommended: The products are suitable for many skin and hair types, are not too unusual, very well tolerated and of good quality. You can use them in everyday life and give them away if you don't like them. The price-performance ratio of the calendar is fair - the Magic Finish make-up by M. Asam alone costs over 20 euros. The serums and the smooth roller are also high-quality products for the skin. A minor drawback: after removing the plastic wrap, the advent calendar smelled very pleasant, but was a bit overpowering. It was probably the bathroom products. But that is certainly complaining at a high level, because overall the Asam Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 is a good choice for the Advent season.

If you would rather have a stronger make-up focus than care products, you can also use the Magic Finish advent calendar from M. Asam instead. It is available at the same price as the beauty counterpart and this calendar also comes up with a significantly higher product value: products with a value of 177 euros are supposed to be hidden in the 24 little doors. Also similar to the beauty calendar: The packaging looks high-quality, appealing and festive - but with a little more glamor and glitter.

And that suits the target group: Because this advent calendar certainly appeals to more women and is less unisex. In addition, the products are less suitable for everyday use, but in part for customers who are more keen to experiment: Nail polish with glitter, bright lip colors and highlighters are included, for example. But also the classic - the Magic Finish Make-up - and things suitable for everyday use such as mascara, brushes, a file and more from the Magic Finish range by M. Asam. This calendar is definitely the right choice for anyone who likes to try out new products and likes things to be a little flashier. It also has a fair price-performance ratio, exciting products in different sizes to get to know and a particularly chic packaging.

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