For children and adults: Small Easter gifts: ten ideas that are easy to hide

At Easter it is customary in many families to send the children on an "egg hunt".

For children and adults: Small Easter gifts: ten ideas that are easy to hide

At Easter it is customary in many families to send the children on an "egg hunt". This includes hiding sweet treats, boiled eggs (which have been painted in advance) and small Easter gifts. Either in your own four walls, in your own garden or in the nearby forest. The purpose of the whole thing is that the children should find their Easter nests on their own. Great fun for the whole family, and parents can definitely get involved. After all, adults can also receive presents on this day – because there are no fixed rules at Easter.

1. Easter Scratch Magic

20 black pages are waiting to be scratched free in this Easter egg-shaped book. A suitable wooden pencil is included in the scope of delivery, which should serve as a tool for your child. So it has the opportunity to reveal the hidden rainbow colors as it pleases and whims to create its very own works of art at Easter. In addition, the scratch book contains further painting suggestions as well as 40 pages of sketches that can be edited with ordinary felt-tip pens and colored pencils. The recommended age is five to seven years. Here is the Easter scratch book.

2. Easter Egg Stamp Set

This cute stamp set is suitable for children aged three and over. It contains twelve different motifs, all of which revolve around the theme of Easter - such as flowers, rabbits, sheep, carrots, bees and chicks. On top of that, the stamps are also visually reminiscent of Easter eggs. The different motifs come into their own on white paper, and most of them have some at home. Important for you to know: Which pattern you get in the end will be decided at random. Get the stamp set here.

3. Lots of carrots

A classic that not only makes children's eyes light up at Easter: Lotti Karotti is a popular game from Ravensburger that has already been sold over five million times. It is aimed (according to the manufacturer) at young children between the ages of four and seven, but can also be played with older siblings or parents. And that's what it's all about: Rabbits are racing here - and whoever crosses the finish line first wins. What is treacherous about the game are the invisible holes that any player can suddenly fall into. Here is Lotti Karotti.

4. Lego DJ BeatBox

Lego surprises its youngest fans this Easter with a brand new mix of music and fun with bricks. At the beginning of March, the music video maker "Vidiyo" was launched. The idea: Kids can use their smartphones to scan in so-called BeatBits - small colorfully printed collecting tiles. There are initially six different BeatBoxes to build, each with an exclusive minifigure, which later becomes the stage star of a self-created band in the Lego Vidiyo app. An extensive music library provides the sound for this. The BeatBox is available here.

5. Conni book with finger puppet

She has been one of the most popular children's book characters for over 25 years: Conni is a self-confident girl who conveys relevant knowledge from everyday life to her readers in a playful way. Of course, this also includes the topic of Easter: In this issue, Conni deals with painting Easter eggs - and the Easter bunny, which she actually no longer believes in. This special edition comes with a plush rabbit finger puppet to match. The Conni cardboard book is suitable for children between the ages of two and four and makes a lovely Easter present. Get the book here.

1. Eggnog to go

Eggnog belongs to Easter like mulled wine to Christmas. So why not give away a sample pack with different flavors? For the way, so to speak, since each glass contains only 25 milliliters (i.e. a large sip). The manufactory based in the Magdeburger Börde manufactures the eggnog - according to their own statements - according to the recipe of their great-grandmother. That has to taste good. But be careful: the small glasses also contain alcohol. The sample set is available here.

2. DIY bouquet

Giving away a ready-tied bouquet at Easter is not particularly creative. However, at this time of year there is usually still a lack of beautiful wildflowers that encourage us to create romantic braids that we create on our own. However, it is possible to have a set of flowers delivered to you, from which you can make a very individual bouquet. Included are roses and chrysanthemums, craspedia and sweet willow, gypso and pussy willow, and sprigs of eucalyptus. Let your creativity run free! Here you get the necessary utensils.

3. Easter beer

Does the person receiving the gift like to drink a cool blond? Then we have the right Easter present for you: an oversized can filled with Danish lager from the Hasenbrauerei. The Easter beer holds one liter of pure enjoyment and has an alcohol content of five percent. As the icing on the cake, the gift can also be personalized - with the name of the person who is to receive the gift. Happy Easter, Bernd! Here's the Easter beer.

4. O-Bunny Vibrator

We had to look twice at this bunny: Yes, it is actually a vibrator to lay on - and no, that's no joke! The device has ten different functions and is primarily intended to give women beautiful moments (not just at Easter). It is made of medical silicone, is splash-proof and, according to the manufacturer, has two quiet motors. A different kind of gift, but no less creative. Here is the O-Bunny.

5. Easter cookie cutters

In addition to the classic Easter lamb, biscuits are baked in many households for the holidays - all you need to do is cut out the right motifs, such as rabbits, carrots, butterflies, Easter eggs, chicks, lambs, Easter bunnies or daffodils. This set contains 15 different Easter motifs made of stainless steel, which are perfect for small Easter gifts. Baking is twice as much fun. Here are the cutters.

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