Five ways to do eyeliner to enhance the look

The eyeliner is one of the most beautiful and simple ways to make up the eyes.

Five ways to do eyeliner to enhance the look

The eyeliner is one of the most beautiful and simple ways to make up the eyes. Beyond the classic black line at the level of the lashes with more or less corner, there are other options to enhance the look and enlarge the eye. The cat eye is still the most sought after, but lately new ways of doing eyeliner have emerged, even combining different shades. Regardless of the version chosen, the most important thing is to have a good hand so that the line is perfect. New eyeliners with precise tips and creamy formulas that glide easily across the lid make it easy to trace.

It is one of the oldest makeups, whose origin dates back to Ancient Egypt.

However, the cat eye eyeliner is still one of the most beautiful and used on the red carpet or at any event. Its feline inspiration gives the look an unmatched seductive power. Makeup artists advise drawing the corner first. Next, draw the line flush with the upper lashes to connect it with the corner and thicken it as much as desired.

The graphic eyeliner sweeps above all on the catwalks and on social networks. As they explain from the firm KVD Beauty "it fuses colors, lines and textures for a more risky and striking look". From more minimalist designs, to more striking ones, it is about creating lines following the shape of the eye, thinner or thicker. It can be done in black, or any other shade to give the look a touch of color, even mixing different shades. In addition, it is possible to combine it with traditional eyeliner, as the actress Milena Smit did at the Goya 2022.

The inverted eyeliner consists of outlining the lashes of the lower eyelid to rip the look from below. Amelia Cosmetics make-up artist Briyi Bri explains how to do this: “First you draw a line just below the lower lashes at the end of your eye, then you draw the entire waterline just below the lower lashes at the same level as the lower lashes. , and connects with the area of ​​the upper mobile eyelid. Then you just have to work the tear area and blend it very well outwards. To do this, the ideal is to use a beveled brush and blur the lash line towards the outer area of ​​the eye. The upper eyelid can be made up however you want, although you really try to give prominence to the lower one, therefore, you simply give it a touch of light, with neutral or illuminating tones.

It is an outline that is made on the eyelid, further from the line where the eyeliner is usually done, so that it floats on the eyelid. It can be a straight line, curved, cat eye type... «The floating eyeliner is a very striking creative technique, but it does not contribute anything on an aesthetic level. That is, it does not embellish, nor does it make the eye bigger or widen the look. However, it is a very fun technique, with which you can wear a very original makeup, "explains makeup artist Cristina Lobato. When it comes to doing it, the makeup artist recommends «tracing it first with a cream pencil or with a concealer for dark circles and a brush. Once the structure or 'template' has been made with a beige color, the colored eyeliner is applied on it».

Another way to enhance the look is to bet on the double eyeliner. A makeup that offers different versions such as the double corner: it is about outlining both the upper eyelid and below the eyelashes, leaving two corners that do not come together, but run parallel. Another option is to draw two eyeliners with two different colors. On top of the classic black stripe, another line is drawn with a glitter tone, for example, for an impressive result.

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