Five simple tips: Simple Christmas decorations with an impact

If you don't want to spend money on Christmas decorations or don't know how to decorate, it's best to be inspired by the following five tips.

Five simple tips: Simple Christmas decorations with an impact

If you don't want to spend money on Christmas decorations or don't know how to decorate, it's best to be inspired by the following five tips. Because without a lot of effort or a lot of materials, your own home can become more beautiful during Advent and the holidays.

This fruity Christmas decoration not only looks good, but also smells fantastic. To do this, like in the TikTok video, cut an orange into slices one to two centimeters thick and dab a little with a kitchen paper towel. Now there are two ways to let the slices dry. If you have time, leave them out in the air for a few days, for example on a paper towel on the radiator or in a sunny corner at home. If things have to go faster, the oven is suitable.

To do this, preheat the oven to 80 to 100 degrees and place the slices on a grid lined with baking paper. Leave in the oven for two to three hours, opening the oven door slightly. The slices need to be turned over every 30 to 60 minutes. Then let the finished oranges cool down and in the next step pierce the flesh with a knife on the left and right edges (just before the peel). Pull a long string through the holes and line up the discs on the garland. If you would rather have the orange piece on the Christmas tree, just pierce a hole in the flesh with a knife, pull the thread through, tie the two ends together and - voilà - you have a pendant.

For the pretty, minimalist angel figures on TikTok, fold a piece of paper (DIN A5 or A6 is sufficient here) like an accordion: fold it down about a centimeter from the top, turn it over and fold it down again. Once the sheet has been folded all the way down in sections alternating on each side, it is placed so that the lines run vertically. Pinch the bottom edge between two fingers and fold the sheet around a third to the left or top right.

Glue the folded corner with glue. The same procedure for the second sheet. Then arrange both sheets next to each other mirror-inverted so that the folded corners - the angel wings - point in one direction. Place a string between both parts and glue them together so that part of the string sticks out at the top. The angel body is ready. For the head, pull a bead with a hole, for example made of wood, over the string. Now the hanging angel can be tied to the Christmas tree.

With this Christmas decoration inspiration on TikTok, the heart of sustainability beats faster. Grab the next toilet roll and white paper - for example the packaging material from the last package. The roll is folded in the middle and the ends are stapled together. Tear the paper in half and crumple it together to form two round balls. These are then stuffed into the two openings of the toilet roll and form the face and body of the snowman.

Take a double thread and pull it sideways between the roll halves to the front of the stapled area and tie a bow at the front. Using a black felt-tip pen, draw two dots for the eyes and five dots for a smiling mouth on the top ball. Place three dots for the buttons on the bottom paper. Now clamp two small branches on each side between the roll halves and glue an orange nose between the eyes and mouth. This can be a small piece of paper rolled up and painted orange. The little snowman is ready.

It couldn't be easier, as a short YouTube video shows: All you need to make the paper poinsettias is a sheet of paper, a thin thread and glue. Depending on the desired size of the star, the size of the paper can vary. Place the sheet on the table and fold it down about an inch. Then turn over and fold down again - repeat alternately until the end, creating an accordion pattern. The folded sheet now has tips, so to speak, that point to the front and back. Place the sheet on the table so that the creased lines are horizontal.

On the left edge, carefully press the leaf folds or "tips" from the back towards the front: on the horizontal lines, the leaf tips point downwards from the left, the edge of the leaf looks as if there were many M letters strung together. Press the sheet together again along the fold lines and tie it together with a thread. Apply glue to the top side and press both halves (left and right of the thread) together. Open the other side of the paper like a fan and also connect the bottom with glue - a quick and effective table decoration.

Art can be created here from a drugstore item: These snowflakes are made from cotton swabs, as a TikTok video shows. You will also need scissors and glue - a hot glue gun is best. If you only have ordinary liquid glue at home, you can also stick the cotton swab snowflake onto a piece of paper and then cut it out like in the short YouTube video. The first step is to cut off the end of the stick with cotton wool and place it on a surface that tolerates glue - for example on the plastic lid of a chip roll.

Then stick eight whole cotton swabs all around like rays of sunshine. Now glue a second layer of another eight sticks directly onto the previous ones on the upper side of the star flake. Now cut four new sticks in the middle and glue the resulting eight short parts between the long ones. In the next step, cut eight cotton swabs in half again, cut off the end parts and put them aside. Two cotton-free stick halves now belong between the long “rays” glued in the first step. To do this, glue the halves on both sides in the middle of the “rays” so that they point outward like a star point. The cotton ends belong on the tips. If you want to decorate the snowflake even more, you can glue additional cotton ends to the outside of the snowflake - on the left and right of the cotton swab end parts that were fixed in the first step. To hang, tie a string around part of the snowflake.