First farewell to "Let's Dance": The journey ends for a model

Getting to know each other was last week, on Friday evening things got serious for the first time for the celebrities on "Let's Dance" (on RTL and RTL).

First farewell to "Let's Dance": The journey ends for a model

Getting to know each other was last week, on Friday evening things got serious for the first time for the celebrities on "Let's Dance" (on RTL and RTL). Dances from cha cha cha to slow waltz were on offer and jury verdicts ranging from eight to 25 points were given. For which star did the journey on RTL come to an end? Those were the highlights of the first show.

"Flirty", "flirty", with "a lot of rhythm": This is how Massimo Sinató (42) described the first dance of the evening: a Cha Cha Cha with the "ambitious" YouTuber Sally Özcan (34). The two promptly conjured a wild dance floor out of the bakery. The jury was mostly satisfied. Motsi Mabuse (41) advised Sally to remain more relaxed in the future. There were 15 points for the performance.

Alex Mariah Peter (25) and Alexandru Ionel (28) danced the second Cha Cha Cha in a row. The jury did not miss the fact that the "GNTM" model ran out of breath at the end of the performance. "You really have to work on your stamina," was Joachim Llambi's (58) critical verdict. There were only 13 points for the two. Influencer Julia Beautx (23) had only one goal on Friday: to make up for her last place in the "big introductory show". No sooner said than done: The slow waltz with Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35) delighted the audience and the jury. "As bad as it was last week, it was so different today," Llambi summed up. "That was way better." There were 21 points for the "very relieved" Julia.

The "clumsy" Abdelkarim (41) and professional Kathrin Menzinger (34) performed a third Cha Cha Cha. "You could see the dance," Motsi Mabuse tried to evaluate the performance positively. After all, you've seen worse Cha Cha Chas on "Let's Dance". Llambi's conclusion, however: "Department Totentanz" - there was a ten for Abdelkarim. For Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) and Vadim Garbuzov (35) it was then: fast, faster, jive! "How am I supposed to do it with the condition?" Was the first reaction of the "GZSZ" actress. But she made it. "I saw a wild cat from the start. You have a lot of energy," enthused Jorge González (55), who awarded 17 points to Chryssanthi with his jury colleagues.

It stayed fast with the Charleston of Natalia Yegorova (48) and Andrzej Cibis (35). And he was something to be proud of: quick and synchronous movements with the appropriate facial expressions. "A start that was really good, well done," was Mabuse's conclusion. The verdict of the expert jury: 19 points.

"Now it's over with Mimimi, now we're going to attack," predicted Michael "Mimi" Kraus (39), who was perhaps a little over-motivated, who danced the fourth and worst Cha Cha Cha of the evening with Mariia Maksina (25). "There is a bit of suppleness missing," criticized Llambi before the jury awarded only nine points. "Showing emotions is not my hobby horse," explained former gymnast Philipp Boy (35) shortly before the Viennese waltz with Patricija Ionel (28). On the dance floor, however, things got quite emotional and romantic. Jorge González described the performance as "melodic" and "light-footed". In the end, that was enough for a proud 21 points.

This was followed by a quick step by creative content creator Younes Zarou (25) and Malika Dzumaev (31). Not so easy if you lack tact, as the jury criticized last week. Joachim Llambi couldn't get much positive from the performance this week either: "As if you had fallen into a barrel of Valium." Younes was able to improve from ten points to 15. "A lot of steps in a very short time": That description can only apply to the Jive, which star chef Ali Güngörmüş (46) is about to meet this week. Together with Christina Luft (32) and the Queen hit "Don't Stop Me Now", this always created a good mood, but also a good jury verdict? Eight points - the worst score of the evening.

Entertainer and Twitch star Jens "Knossi" Knossalla (36) and a romantic rumba? Might be hard to imagine for many, but followed Ali and Christina's jive. Although "Knossi" said he "made a lot of effort", it was "not enough" for Joachim Llambi. There were nine points for "Knossis" circling hips.

According to González, Ekaterina Leonova's (35) "whip" had an effect on the mentalist Timon Krause (28). The couple's slow waltz largely satisfied the jury, who awarded the performance 16 points. Ex-"Bachelorette" Sharon Battiste (31) and Christian Polanc (44) performed the next slow waltz. Next week, the jury wanted the 31-year-old to be more relaxed and do better footwork. The ex-"Bachelorette" received 19 points.

Anna Ermakova (22) and Valentin Lusin (35) completed the last dance of the evening. Her tango brought the audience and Motsi Mabuse to a standstill. "Tonight was the best performance we've had," Llambi said. With 25 points, the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker (55) got the best result of the evening - and thus proved that she had rightly received the direct ticket last week. This protected the model from leaving on Friday.

Then came the first decision in the 16th season of "Let's Dance". "Mimi" Kraus and Mariia Maksina, Alex Mariah Peter and Alexandru Ionel as well as Younes Zarou and Malika Dzumaev had to tremble. In the end, it wasn't enough for Alex Mariah Peter and Alexandru Ionel – the "GNTM" model had to say goodbye.