Fire in the glass: The fireplace for everyone: This is how space-saving table fireplaces create an atmospheric atmosphere

A cozy fire is fun all year round.

Fire in the glass: The fireplace for everyone: This is how space-saving table fireplaces create an atmospheric atmosphere

A cozy fire is fun all year round. Anyone who is allowed to call their own fire - whether a fireplace or a fireplace in the garden - can gather around the fire as they please. A campfire or a fireplace costs money and space. If you are looking for a cheap and space-saving alternative, but do not want to do without a nice campfire atmosphere, you should think about buying a table fireplace.

A table fireplace impresses with its simplicity. All you need is a model of your choice and fuel. Wood and firelighters are completely eliminated. In addition, a table fireplace fits in every apartment and costs far less than building a fireplace. You can use table fireplaces both indoors and outdoors if you follow the safety instructions. Of course, a table fireplace offers a different atmosphere than the classic fireplace or campfire, but it is a nice alternative for those who like to sit around the fire and want to save space and money. You only have to do without the typical crackling of the burning wood, but a table fireplace also warms you up.

Here you will find a selection of different models.

This tabletop fireplace has tempered glass sides, a sturdy steel base and protective feet. Therefore, this model is suitable for indoor use. You simply fill the container with bioethanol and ignite it. The burning time should be about an hour. A funnel for filling in the fuel is included, but the fuel is not.

Thanks to a glass cylinder, the flames of this swirl of flames are made to rotate, so that the fire rises impressively. The table fireplace is suitable for both outdoors and indoors and is fueled with bioethanol, a natural and sustainable alcohol that burns without soot and smoke.

The round table fireplace is particularly space-saving and should find a place in every apartment and on every table, no matter how small. Bioethanol is also used as fuel.

The classic table fireplace works with bioethanol. The liquid bioethanol is in a brazier and is used as a gel or paste in cans in the bioethanol fireplace. Practical: The bioethanol fireplace produces neither smoke nor soot. Bioethanol is ethanol produced exclusively from biomass (such as grain, potatoes or sugar cane). About 95 percent of the fuel consists of vegetable alcohols. Do not leave bioethanol out in the open, otherwise it can ignite at temperatures around 21 degrees.

Never leave the table fireplace burning unattended. Although the fire in the glass is well protected, it is still real fire that can start a fire. Do not light the table fireplace if fuel has been spilled next to the burner intended for combustion. In addition, models without a safety burner should be completely filled before lighting to allow the gases to escape from the cavity.

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