Film star: TV star Billie Piper – “sad” separation from rocker after eight years

The relationship between TV star Billie Piper and rocker Johnny Loyd lasted eight years.

Film star: TV star Billie Piper – “sad” separation from rocker after eight years

The relationship between TV star Billie Piper and rocker Johnny Loyd lasted eight years. A long time for Piper. A close source, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Sun that the two separated last year. "It is of course very sad that the couple went their separate ways. But they decided that they would be better off apart."

No dirty laundry is washed in the “Sun”. It is likely that the source is acting with the knowledge of those involved. Therefore the statements are very balanced. This way, the couple can announce their separation without having to ask any questions. A bitter separation like the one in 2016 between Piper and Laurence Fox should apparently be avoided.

Piper has a five-year-old daughter with Loyd. Piper, who was heavily pregnant at the time, can be seen on the cover of his album “Next Episode Starts in 15 Seconds”. "Like many couples, lockdown has been pretty tough for the two of them, giving them time to really think about what they want their future to look like. They will always remember their time together and have lots of great memories. Now they are focusing on raising their daughter together and their separate careers."

After the break in lockdown, both started their careers. While he was touring with his band, she was filming the Netflix film Scoop. In it she plays Billie Sam McAlister, who conducted Prince Andrew's infamous Newsnight interview in 2019. The source: "Johnny has returned to music while Billie's acting career is going from strength to strength. Everyone is handling it very maturely and making the transition as smooth as possible."

Now that the separation is known, the British media will do a lot to uncover the background. And want to know whether the couple really just grew apart or whether an affair led to the separation.

Piper has remained at the top for 20 years. She appeared in 35 episodes in the cult series "Doctor Who", she seduced viewers in the series "Secret Diary of a London Call Girl", and shone in the dark production "Penny Dreadful" as well as in the costume film "Mansfield". Park".

Billie Piper is known for having rough patches in her relationships. In the series "I hate Suzie" she plays the neurotic actress Suzie Pickles. The series also reunited her with Ashley Madekwe, her friend-rival "Bambi" from the escort opera "Secret Diary." The already stressful Pickles finds herself in a deep crisis when her phone is hacked and nude photos of her are published. It wasn't just fans who suspected that the annoying pickle was inspired by Piper herself. Billie Piper herself said: "I know dysfunctional relationships. I know what it costs to be a woman. So I can say: yes, all of these experiences have influenced my work." Piper never made a secret of her crises, such as the fact that eating disorders accompanied her life. She explained a breakdown by saying that she lived on “only Diet Coke and Marlboro Lights” for days. She sums up her relationship with ex Cris Evans as follows: "We spent a lot of time drinking.

Her early fame came at a price, as her career as an actress was preceded by that of a singer. When her track "Because We Want To" went to number one in the UK charts, she was only 15, the youngest artist to achieve that ranking. Johnny Lloyd always raved about his partner. "It was a great romance," he said. "When you meet someone like that, you're overwhelmed. I wanted to be with her. She inspires me every day." That was four years ago.

Quelle: The Sun