Fashion Tips: Hoodie Trends: These five hoodies are hot for 2022

Cozy, practical and stylish, the hoodie is all that.

Fashion Tips: Hoodie Trends: These five hoodies are hot for 2022

Cozy, practical and stylish, the hoodie is all that. The textile is considered a classic in the wardrobe and dresses women, men and big, small. It is a hooded sweater. The hoodie is an all-rounder, it warms up late at night on cool summer evenings and is suitable as a layered look in autumn or winter. With a hood, the hoodie also replaces the wearing of a hat here and there, because if it gets cold around your ears or it starts to rain, the hood is quickly put on. As is always the case with classics: they last, but they also have to reinvent themselves again and again in order to remain exciting. Which hoodies are trending in 2022? Five tips.

Yes, the classic does not go out of style. It fits well, goes with everything and comes in a variety of colors. Of course, it has the eponymous hood and can be worn with jeans. Due to its versatility, it also goes well with dresses, skirts or trousers. Natural tones are trending in 2022, including beige, white, as well as shades of gray and green.

Unlike the classic hoodie, the all-rounder 2022 can also do without sleeves. This is how the classic looks modern and relaunches itself without changing much. A beautiful blouse can be worn underneath, offering an elegant contrast to the casual hoodie.

The hoodie is versatile. Not only in terms of cut and length, the textile also dares to use color. And it can, because the hoodie sets accents and turns one or the other cozy outfit into an eye-catcher. A quick trip to the bakery or kiosk next door? With a bright hoodie, the look quickly looks like something. If you dare, you don't just rely on one color, but on two. Color blocking is trending in 2022.

One hoodie saves on the sleeves, this trend hoodie shortens at the bottom. Cropped versions of the classic are ideal for combining with high-waisted textiles. Including skirts, jeans or trousers. The cropped hoodie is casual at the top and can balance out chic accents at the bottom. Try it with a silk maxi skirt and a matching cropped hoodie.

A hoodie invites you to make yourself comfortable. The garment warms and also offers a practical hood for wind and weather. The hoodie is particularly cuddly when it comes in oversize. This way you can build a complete outfit out of it. The ideal look, especially for rainy autumn and winter days.

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