Fashion comeback: 2000s fashion is back: This is how the Y2K style works

Not everyone likes this trend: the Y2K style inevitably reminds many of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, very short tops and low-cut, wide pants.

Fashion comeback: 2000s fashion is back: This is how the Y2K style works

Not everyone likes this trend: the Y2K style inevitably reminds many of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, very short tops and low-cut, wide pants. Of glitter, tracksuits and fashion mistakes. But: 2000s fashion can do much more than that. The reinterpretation brings back old-school vibes in an improved version. We explain how to style the trend pieces of the 2000s and what is hip now.

But first the question: what exactly does Y2K stand for? The cryptic-sounding abbreviation simply stands for the 2000s or "year 2000": The Y stands for "year", 2K stands for "2 kilo", i.e. 2000. Y2K style is therefore a modern term for 2000s fashion.

On the occasion of its new campaign "Thats smoooth" with the fashion icon and figure of the 2000s Paris Hilton, the payment provider Klarna took a closer look at the Y2K trend and asked consumers what they particularly like about the 2000s and what they have shopped themselves in the past six months. The result: the oversized look, which is also one of the fashion trends for 2023, is particularly well received. But low-rise jeans, wide-leg pants, chokers, jogging suits, platform sneakers and crop tops are also on the rise again.

In figures: From the first two to the last two weeks of January 2023, the sales figures for the following products in Germany rose sharply: low-rise jeans bought 51 percent more, choker necklaces ended up in shopping carts 11 percent more, tube tops by 31 percent, the Crop tops up 19 percent, wide leg pants up 16 percent, and parachute pants bought 54 percent more. We reveal how you can combine the trend pieces in such a way that positive memories of years gone by come up.

The low-rise jeans disappeared from the shelves for a long time because they often cut into the flesh, were previously not considered particularly comfortable and did not allow for too many combinations. But: When properly styled, this pair of trousers is casual and a real eye-catcher. Care should be taken to ensure that it fits loosely and comfortably. They can be worn in the baggy version or fitted at the top and with a wide leg. It is classically combined with white sneakers and a tight top, depending on taste a crop top, which is also one of the trends of the Y2K style. A short leather or bomber jacket also goes well with this. As an alternative to sneakers, boots can also be worn, or, for those who like it more elegant: ankle boots or sandals.

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This trend never really disappeared, but is now getting even more attention - especially in combination with sweatpants or low-rise jeans: the crop top. It looks particularly good in contrast to other pants and looks casual with it. But it can also be worn with high-rise pants if you want to show less skin.

Those who follow the current fashion trends will have come across this trend more often recently: Oversized pieces have been particularly popular again for some time. They are comfortable, can be combined all-over and can also be found in the Y2K style. Whether it's in the form of a bomber jacket, coat, hoodie or sweater, this trend almost always works well. If you want to keep the silhouette, combine something tighter with the oversized part, but several oversized pieces of clothing can also be combined with each other.

This accessory was particularly well known at the time as a tattoo necklace. The choker has been back in jewelery boxes for some time - sometimes more, sometimes less in recent years. Chokers are currently back in fashion and are among the highlights of 2000s fashion. Larger hoop earrings can also be seen again - also as part of the modern Y2K style.

The Y2K style is not only wearable today, but is increasingly on the rise again, as Klarna can confirm based on online purchases made. By the way: The Y2K trend is less noticeable among men than among women - perhaps because sweatpants, oversized hoodies and retro sneakers are already part of the fashion repertoire for many people.

Source used: Klarna

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