“Farmer Looking for a Wife”: Three is twice one too many

Patrick (27) has to make a decision in episode six of “Bauer sucht Frau” (Tuesday, 8:15 p.

“Farmer Looking for a Wife”: Three is twice one too many

Patrick (27) has to make a decision in episode six of “Bauer sucht Frau” (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also via RTL). "Two women are too many," he realizes a little late: "You can only marry one." The climate between his ladies-in-waiting Annika (26) and Sarina (24) has not been right for a long time.

Annika in particular is jealous, while Sarina scores points for taking work shoes with her to the farm week. Annika also has no experience with cows. The decision is relatively easy for Patrick. Sarina is more on his “wavelength”. Annika has to go home.

Stefanie (41) also has to screen out. She finds it more difficult to choose between Philipp (37) and Timo (37). Although she only has friendly feelings for both of them so far. So she lets her court boys dance during rehearsal work. The farmer's wife is a little surprised that Philipp has never mucked out before. The fact that he sees the activity as a necessary evil and not as meditative, as it does, does not earn him any brownie points - in contrast to Timo, who also finds cleaning out to be relaxing.

For this, Philipp scores points in the first one-on-one interview. Here he is not as tense as he was in the threesome - a tension that he covered up with compulsive jokes. But Philipp's good solo performance is not enough. Stefanie chooses Timo. Philipp didn't contribute enough, the statement says.

While the farm weeks are coming to an early end for Annika and Philipp, they are just beginning for Dietrich-Max-Helmut (70). The hobby horse farmer picks up his Susanne (61) in style in a carriage. On the journey back from the train station to his farm, he slightly irritates his chosen one when he talks about their shared pension. Susanne still has plans for her career. Otherwise, she and the relay senior with probably the longest name in “Farmer Seeks Wife” history are in harmony.

Meanwhile, Hannes (24) and Jenny (21) are having their first crisis, even though they rave about his "bright, penetrating" eyes with an almost desperate expression. Hannes isn't really happy about it. There aren't enough questions from Jenny, so he doesn't even know where he stands.

Jenny is shocked by the deadly serious criticism. She apologizes by saying that too many new experiences are coming at her. Like the bumpy mowing of a meadow where she thought she was going to die. But Jenny promises to open up more: little finger vow.

Simone (55) wants to change Siegfried's (64) eating habits. But their reform plans fail the first time they cook meatballs together. Siegfried asserts himself with his “special views”. He insists that onions should be added to the meat mixture not in small cubes, but in whole rings. You just have to massage it in with a good “crackling” sound. Simone is skeptical, but according to Siegfried's theory, the long onion pieces retreat into the meat when frying.

At the end of the farm week, the culinary irritations are forgotten. Simone is “in love” and would like to come back. Siegfried gives her sweets with the inscription "Dream Woman". Because that's exactly what Simone is to him.

The farm week is also coming to an end for André (33) and Julia (29). For her it was “the best week of her entire life”. After they narrowly missed a real kiss in the last episode, this time it finally happens. Julia stays with André even longer, whom she describes as a “dream man in every respect.” “Amor did a great job,” he says. Inka Bause (55) can wear her dirndl for her next successful coupling.