"Farmer is looking for a wife": The first lady-in-waiting breaks off

At the beginning of the fourth episode of "Bauer sucht Frau" (Tuesday, 8:15 p.

"Farmer is looking for a wife": The first lady-in-waiting breaks off

At the beginning of the fourth episode of "Bauer sucht Frau" (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL), Ulf (31) serves up opulent breakfast with Anna Lina (28). Even the sausage that she gave him at the barn party is served. Which irritates her a bit. For Julia (24), however, the day with Erik (31) begins with a culinary disappointment. The farmer just has a Kinder Pingui in the fridge, which she has to eat standing up.

The measly breakfast turns out to be a negative omen for Julia for the day. Although Erik always has a funny saying on his lips, he works silently at her side. He hardly explains anything to her, he certainly doesn't want to know anything personal from his lady-in-waiting. Instead, she has to question him. A "bad omen", she thinks.

Julia confronts her lazy farmer. Is he even interested in her? Erik is surprised, he just doesn't want to bother her. Asking her constantly means "stress" for him. "Then we can stop right away," Julia replies. And put the plan into action right away. She doesn't want to give Erik a second chance. He is depressed that he "fucked it up".

Loretta (32) also makes a decision. The landlady had missed the barn festival. She chooses Michael (36) and Sascha (37). Erik (31) thinks she's too young, even though she's only a year older.

Cheese farmer Arne (31) starts the farm week. He picks up his Antje (31) from the bus with the tractor - even though she got off one stop early. The "cowman" shows Antje his animals. And can hardly stop raving. One almost gets the suspicion that he would rather cuddle with the cows than with his chosen one. But she looks relaxed. She finds it rather cute that the "Braunvieh fan" covered her bed with a cover with a cow motif.

In the last episode, there were slight discrepancies with Jörg (49) and Patricia (40), who fell in love with shock, because the farmer had run over them with tractor driving and family visits on the first day. Now it's sunshine again. Mainly because she helps out in the barn despite "disgusting panic" in front of spiders. "She wants to help 100 percent. For me, that's a sign that she's also interested," says Jörg.

A second dream couple emerges: Max (26) and Anna (25). Unlike Patricia, Anna has no problem driving a tractor. Max likes that. He finds it "attractive when women can operate large machines". In the evening he gathers all his courage and puts his arm around Anna. They are already dreaming of a future beyond the Hofwoche.

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