"Farmer is looking for a wife": Passionate kisses by the water

Again slight trouble in paradise with Jörg (49) and Patricia (40) in the eighth episode of "Bauer sucht Frau".

"Farmer is looking for a wife": Passionate kisses by the water

Again slight trouble in paradise with Jörg (49) and Patricia (40) in the eighth episode of "Bauer sucht Frau". (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL). The farmer doesn't give up and wants to get his lady-in-waiting to check her suitability in the field once again. She is supposed to impale hay bales with a tractor. But just like on day one of her farm week, Patricia allows herself to be intimidated by the heavy equipment. She gets behind the wheel and wants to deliver, but then gives up again.

Patricia wants to counter in the kitchen. According to the motto "What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat", she wants to challenge Jörg in culinary terms. Although a neighbor actually cooks for her at home (!?), she conjured up a curry with sweet potatoes. Meat fan Jörg is not enthusiastic, but eats up without complaint.

"The curry tastes like curry, but if you bite into the potatoes, they taste sweet," he concludes, razor sharp. For dessert there is a watermelon that Patricia seriously wants to peel like a potato! Jörg, and certainly many spectators, stay behind in horror.

Like Jörg his Patricia, Loretta (32) challenges her Sascha (37). The tram mechanic knows that he has to "deliver" in order to be able to keep up with the "power" of "top woman" Loretta. Sascha then also convinces with a mower. Loretta is taken with his "machine experience".

Emotionally, Sascha continues to hide behind flippant humor. As a "burned child" - a long relationship ended abruptly - he doesn't want to throw himself into an adventure unprotected. Nevertheless, he has to go to Loretta's parents. Her father literally grills him over the fireplace, but Sascha's sense of humor goes down well.

Other couples are further than the cautious Sascha and his Loretta. Three times in the new episode there is more or less fiery snogging. And three times water plays a role. After Michael K. (28) and Jan Hendrik splashed each other in their first episode, they are now retreating to the whirlpool. With champagne there is a chaste kiss on the mouth. Then the camera drone discreetly retreats.

Arne (31) and Antje (31) are also chaste. The two assure each other of their affection on a rowing boat. Arne describes himself as the “happiest person”, and Antje also sees cautious prospects for the future. Then a sharp kiss on the mouth. Michael N. (52) and Mandy (54) are more passionate. In the last episode they kissed in the hay for the first time, now even wilder on the North Sea beach. Mandy is "flashed", in a curious mixture of euphoria and caution, she speaks "of the potential to go to the end of the world together".

For some candidates, the Hofwoche is coming to an end, for others it is just beginning. Martin (56) picks up his Carola (54) in the carriage. When she hears that she is not staying at the farm, she is initially confused - but also relieved by the comfort of the holiday home.

In the next episode on Monday, two more couples start the farm week.