Farewell to the “Kölner Treff”: Bettina Böttinger continues to talk - but differently

“Bye-Bye, Bettina!” is the title of the new edition of the talk show “Kölner Treff” this Friday (October 27th, WDR).

Farewell to the “Kölner Treff”: Bettina Böttinger continues to talk - but differently

“Bye-Bye, Bettina!” is the title of the new edition of the talk show “Kölner Treff” this Friday (October 27th, WDR). And the title says it all, because from 10 p.m. presenter Bettina Böttinger (67) says goodbye to her audience. At the same time, she is also celebrating: "In October 2023 I will celebrate my 30th anniversary of 'Talk on Friday Evening' on WDR. For me, it's a big event and a good reason to leave," she said in the farewell announcement in July.

For 17 years, the journalist spoke humorously, sensitively and spontaneously to her prominent and non-celebrity guests about God and the world. For this she was nominated twice for the prestigious Grimme Prize. WDR director Tom Buhrow (65) certainly wasn't surprised, as he also raved about her "great journalistic flair and her excellent conversation skills." Behind the scenes, Böttinger has shaped the Friday evening talk for 30 years; in fact, she will continue to stay with the format as a producer and consultant.

Now the last show is on the program and the Düsseldorf native is designing it with, among others, musician Herbert Grönemeyer (67), the actresses Annette Frier (49) and Margarita Broich (63), comedian Torsten Sträter (57) and designer and presenter Guido Maria Kretschmer (58). “I’m looking forward to a very special show,” said Böttinger in advance.

Following the farewell talk, fans can reminisce for another five hours when the station broadcasts the highlights under the title "Bye-Bye, Bettina! - Bettina Maria Böttinger - Almost a self-portrait".

Bettina Böttinger says goodbye, but the show remains. And for now also the moderation duo Susan Link (46) and Micky Beisenherz (46). Since 2017 they have been taking over “Kölner Treff” editions again and again.

Böttinger revealed her further plans to the “Bild” newspaper. On the Sunday after the last broadcast, she will take part in a "panel discussion on the opera stage in Bonn", after which she invited the "entire production team to her house in the Eifel".

For her new phase of life, she has also “treated” herself to an addition to her family. What we mean is a dachshund puppy that was born a few days ago. The female will move in at the beginning of January. She “doesn’t know exactly what her twelve-year-old dachshund lady Finchen will say about it yet, but we’ll give it a chance,” she says in the interview.

In the coming year she will also "travel to Central Africa, to Botswana [...] moderate more charity events [...] award an art prize [...] do literary events and much more.

But you can also continue to listen and watch Böttinger while he talks. Following her last “Kölner Treff”, six episodes of her talk show “Böttinger. Wohnung 17” are available in the ARD media library. Your first conversation partner is Guido Maria Kretschmer, followed by musician Kerstin Ott (41), presenter Dunja Hayali (49), model Papis Loveday (46), communications scientist Miriam Meckel (56) and actress Maren Kroyman (74). As the first photos from the programs show, the guests also cook together.

Bettina Böttinger promoted the six programs in her Instagram stories on Wednesday. According to the broadcaster, these will also be broadcast on WDR next week - the first edition with Kretschmer will run on November 3rd from 11:30 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. “In six episodes, presenter Bettina Böttinger welcomes prominent guests with queer lifestyles to her Cologne apartment to exchange experiences, dreams and ideas,” says the announcement about the series.

The template was probably the podcast of the same name "Böttinger. Wohnung 17", which could be heard in the ARD audio library from April 2021. For example, designer Harald Glööckler (58), actress Karin Hanczewski (41), politician Jens Spahn (43) and US choreographer Bruce Darnell (66) were guests.