Farewell to Dagmar Manzel: start of shooting for the tenth franc "crime scene"

Dagmar Manzel (64) says goodbye as a "crime scene" commissioner.

Farewell to Dagmar Manzel: start of shooting for the tenth franc "crime scene"

Dagmar Manzel (64) says goodbye as a "crime scene" commissioner. Filming is currently underway on the tenth "crime scene" from Franconia, which will have the last case ready for Chief Inspector Paula Ringelhahn. "When it's most beautiful, you should stop," explains Manzel, who is leaving the team at her own request, in a message from Bayerischer Rundfunk. Paula is an exciting and complex character, "and I'm very grateful that I was allowed to design her, and at the same time there are many other things that I'm incredibly up for." This includes staging operas, playing with the grandchildren or taking vacations for several weeks at a time.

It was a "wonderful, happy, intensive, ten-year job" with the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation. The time enriched her and made her happy. "And I was able to get to know Franconia and especially the Franconians and I always have a lot of nice experiences there. Paula stays in Franconia and I want to enjoy the country and the people there from time to time without Paula."

Before saying goodbye to Dagmar Manzel, who has played since the first episode on April 12, 2015, there is still one case to be solved. In the tenth Franconian "crime scene" "Nevertheless" (working title), which has been filming in and around Nuremberg since Tuesday (August 29) under the direction of Max Färberböck (72), 25-year-old Lenni (Neil Körger) is sitting in the Jail. He was sentenced for the violent death of a young woman two years ago. But his sisters Maria (Mercedes Müller, 26) and Lisa (Anne Haug, 38) and even Dr. Kaiser (Stefan Merki), head of the Nuremberg police, have doubts.

Shortly after Lenni takes his own life, another death occurs, involving Karl Dellmann (Fritz Karl, 55) and his wife Katja (Ursina Lardi, 52) and their family. Paula Ringelhahn (Manzel), Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs, born 1974) and Wanda Goldwasser (Eli Wasserscheid, 44) have to try to stop the series of deadly events.

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The broadcast of "Nevertheless" is planned for 2024 in the first, as can be seen from the announcement about the start of shooting. But how will things continue without Manzel in Franconia? "In the eleventh 'Tatort' from Franconia, which will be shot in 2024 and broadcast in 2025, Felix Voss, played by Fabian Hinrichs, will investigate without Paula," explains Bettina Ricklefs, BR program director for the game film series. "Who then joins the 'Tatort' Franken team will be decided at leisure and announced in due course."