Famous mom of octuplets shares 13th birthday tribute for her children

Officially, the octuplets have been 13 years of age.

Famous mom of octuplets shares 13th birthday tribute for her children

Natalie Suleman's Octuplets are now officially teenagers.

Suleman, previously known as Nadya and a former Nariyah, rose to fame after giving birth in 2009 to Nariyah (Isaiah), Maliyah, Jeremiah), Noah, Josiah Jonah, Jonah, and Makai.

She posted a Friday post in which she celebrated her children and their unique sibling status.
She posted a throwback picture on Instagram and wrote, "You all are growing into the most kind, humble grateful, loving human beings that I have ever known." "Each one of you has rare and special characteristics that make you unique, especially in today's society."

She said that the octuplets were all selfless, altruistic and nonmaterialistic and celebrated their religious faith.

She said, "I've never seen children love and desire to help others (especially those less fortunate) so confidently and boldly as you." "I don't know what I could have done to merit being blessed so abundantly."

California mom explained previously that she was able to get pregnant with eight of her children via in vitro fertilization. She also used it for six other children.

She stated to the Daily Mail in 2016 that she had given birth and then had to work "dehumanizing, exploitative" jobs to provide for her family.

She explained that she wanted to get rid of the "octomom persona " she had created.

She said that her history "was haunting us" on "The Doctors" 2016 episode. "I quit 'Octomom. I returned to my life as counselor. I returned and had a happy, healthy life with my children. It's been following us because people didn't know what I did. They didn't know the truth."

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