False eyelashes: user manual to enhance the look

False eyelashes have become an increasingly common accessory to enhance the look.

False eyelashes: user manual to enhance the look

False eyelashes have become an increasingly common accessory to enhance the look. Compared to eyelash extensions, a highly demanded treatment but that requires going to a specialized center, they are more accessible to use at any time. The enormous variety of options, from the most natural to the most sophisticated, facilitates its use in special events, such as a wedding, but also in everyday life.

On the one hand, it is possible to find individual tabs, in groups or entire tabs, which are the most common. On the other hand, there are also different styles: those that give volume, those that provide length, colored false eyelashes... Finally, there are also different types of eyelashes depending on the placement: the traditional ones are applied with glue (specific for eyelashes) There are also false eyelashes that are applied with a magnetic eyeliner and the most innovative are magnetic eyelashes.

Putting on false eyelashes requires skill, but above all, practice. They may not be perfect the first time, but with a little dedication it's easy to achieve a more glamorous eye makeup. The make-up artist María Catalá recommends “first measure the false eyelash in case it needs to be cut. And always from the corner of the end, never from the beginning in case it is too high from the beginning. Then, you have to adjust it and for this the applicator is basic because it helps to bring it closer to the base. Next, you have to press on the base to overlap the natural one with the false one so that they have the same height and achieve a much more real effect. Lastly, apply mascara only to the base, so it looks like a single lash."

Mayra A. Medina Vinazza, makeup artist at Ardell, advises “apply the glue to the strip and let it dry for about 30 seconds. First the central area of ​​the eyelid is placed and then the ends (inner and outer area), press lightly and that's it.

Magnetic eyelashes are a good solution to achieve a more attractive look in a simple way. These false eyelashes do not need glue, as they adhere thanks to magnets with different charges. Two rows of lashes are placed for each eye, just above the natural lashes, in such a way that the magnets coincide so that they attract each other.

Another option is to choose false eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner. The eyeliner is drawn in the usual way flush with the natural eyelashes, and once it is dry, the false eyelashes are placed on the eyeliner, with the help of the applicator that the kits usually include or with tweezers. By carrying magnetic charge, the eyelashes are thus subject.

It is also important to remove them gently, so as not to damage the natural lashes. Ardell's make-up artist, Mayra A. Medina Vinaza, recommends “pulling the outer area inwards. They are cleaned with a little non-oily make-up remover, and they are kept in the box, so they can be reused.”

Then the eye makeup should be removed in the usual way. Normally, when removing the eyelashes, the glue has also come out, but if there are remains, it can be removed with makeup remover.