"Everything that counts": Laura Egger takes on a guest role

New addition to "Everything that counts".

"Everything that counts": Laura Egger takes on a guest role

New addition to "Everything that counts". In today's episode (Monday, May 8th), Laura Egger (34) joins the RTL series in a guest role for several months. The actress embodies Ava Grothe, the new assistant coach of the Steinkamp squad. Head coach Deniz Öztürk hires her as he needs support after suffering a stroke.

According to the channel's description of the role, Ava was a talented figure skater from her childhood who won a number of medals. However, she had to give up her professional career early on due to a serious injury.

Now Ava is looking forward to her new job in Essen. She even leaves her partner behind for this. She gets along well with the runners. She is said to come almost too close to one or the other...

For actress Laura Egger, working on the ice brought back childhood memories. While she wasn't a figure skater, she played a lot of hockey with her father. In preparation for her guest role, however, she did a few laps on the ice, although she was afraid of it at first. "There is a certain basic feeling for the sport and the childlike joy was back immediately," she said in an RTL interview.

The actress finds it important that she plays a lesbian character. "Homosexual people have been given significantly more space in our media for some time, but this relates more to love between men than love between women," says the Bavarian.

Acting Laura Egger is a late bloomer. Only at the age of 28 did she begin training at the private acting school Zerboni in Munich. Before that she studied tax law and worked in this profession in New York. She hated her job and decided to pursue acting. Since then she has acted in various TV series such as "Soko Munich" and "Die Bergretter".