eReader in comparison: Reading books online: This is how thousands of books fit in your pocket

Are you curious and looking for an option to read books online? Digital libraries and e-readers are suitable for this.

eReader in comparison: Reading books online: This is how thousands of books fit in your pocket

Are you curious and looking for an option to read books online? Digital libraries and e-readers are suitable for this. The handy devices can store thousands of books, so you can easily read a wide range of your favorite books online. Find out here which providers and devices are available.

You don't need much to use digital libraries. First, decide on an eReader. You will find the largest selection from the two most popular providers, Kindle and tolino. Kindle models can only be used in combination with Amazon, while the tolino models can be used with various providers of digital literature. You do not need a computer for digital reading. The eReader is sufficient because you link the device to an online library. You can access these virtual bookshelves at any time. You can download almost any book you want to read 365 days a year. Most eReaders have a large memory, so you always have your favorite books at hand. The handy format of the eReader fits in every pocket and the battery life of the devices can last up to several weeks.

Factors such as battery life and display size affect reading comfort. E-readers that reflect natural light the way books do are particularly pleasant. Battery life varies based on usage patterns. Of course, if you read a lot, you have to recharge faster. The information provided by the manufacturers only gives average guide values. Therefore, pay attention to these criteria before buying:

The Kindle is an e-reader from Amazon. The digital library is included with the Kindle. This is practical, but also ensures that you can only use the Kindle models in combination with an Amazon membership. Unlike the tolino eReader, the Kindle relies on a closed system. In addition, Amazon offers a Kindle app for Android and IOS devices. This means that if you have an iPad, for example, you can install the Kindle app and access your Kindle eBooks there.

Amazon has a variety of Kindles for sale. Here you can find out which eReaders are currently available and what they can do. All models are linked to Amazon. In addition to paperbacks and bound editions, you can also choose the Kindle version at Amazon and download the book directly to your e-reader.

There is also the Kindle Unlimited membership. You can choose from over 1 million Kindle eBooks and more than 2,000 audiobooks. A membership currently costs EUR 9.99 per month and the service can be canceled at any time.

The Kindle is already in its 10th generation and is the cheapest e-reader in the series. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to try out digital reading for themselves. Note that the device is not waterproof and is not suitable for use in the bath, for example.

Technical data at a glance

The Kindle Paperwhite owes its name to its light weight and slim design. The eReader is something for everyone who likes to travel light. Compared to the Kindle, you can choose between a storage capacity of eight GB and 32 GB. The Kindle Paperwhite is also waterproof, making it ideal for seaside vacations.

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Amazon's most innovative e-reader is called Kindle Oasis. It differs from the other two models in terms of price and features. The eReader has a larger display of seven inches (17 centimeters) and an ergonomic design. The adjustable color temperature should ensure comfortable reading. In addition, there are page-turn buttons and the Kindle Oasis is waterproof.

Technical data at a glance

tolino describes itself as "The eReading brand of German booksellers" and thus claims to unite different providers on one device, the tolino. You can connect the eReader to different digital libraries, because tolino lets you choose which bookseller you would like to buy your eBooks from. This makes the devices a flexible option for reading books online.

The provider currently has four models in its range. Here you can see what they are and what distinguishes them. There are numerous booksellers, including Thalia and Hugendubel, who cooperate with tolino. This enables you to access different ranges and still only use one device. The eBook Shop is automatically installed on the tolino devices. You have to create a user account once. As a tolino user, you get 25 GB of storage space for e-books in the tolino cloud and can use a practical dictionary function.

According to the manufacturer, the tolino page 2 should be able to store around 6000 eBooks. Additional space (25 GB) is available in the tolino cloud. So you can conveniently load your eBooks on the go. The dictionary function, translation function and fast scrolling function are included.

Technical data at a glance

Compared to the tolino page, the tolino shine 3 has more storage capacity (eight GB), a higher screen resolution and an integrated reading light. The new generation of displays should ensure a higher-contrast, sharper display. Thanks to the individual color temperature and reading light, you can adapt the eReader to your wishes and at any time of the day or night.

Technical data at a glance

You can even take the tolino vision 5 into the bath because it is waterproof. The built-in smartlight automatically adapts to the lighting conditions and changes from cool light in the morning to warmer light in the evening. The new tap2flip function is designed to make reading more relaxed by allowing you to turn pages on the back of the device with just a tap.

Technical data at a glance

The tolino epos 2 has a larger display than the other models and is particularly light. So you get a large reading surface with eight inches. The integrated smartlight reading light also automatically adjusts to the time of day and night on this tolino. Like the tolino vision 5, the tolino epos 2 is also waterproof and is ideal for a bath or vacation by the sea.

Technical data at a glance

Note: The article was first published in October 2019.

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