Ear candy: audio books for children: ten beautiful stories - from classic to modern

Strictly speaking, an audio book is literature whose content was published by a speaker on a sound carrier.

Ear candy: audio books for children: ten beautiful stories - from classic to modern

Strictly speaking, an audio book is literature whose content was published by a speaker on a sound carrier. For children who cannot read (well) yet, they offer a welcome change – at home and on the go. So that they can follow the stories verbally, there is now a large pool of popular classic books that have been set to music. In the following we present ten child-friendly titles that invite you to dream.

Astrid Lindgren is a master of her craft: the Swedish author breathed (rural) life into the children of Bullerbü as early as the late 1940s. The story is told from the perspective of seven-year-old Lisa, who lives and grows up on a farm with her siblings. How she perceived country life as a child in the fictional little village of Bullerbü is beautifully summarized in the popular book series. Here is the audio book.

The animals couldn't be more different and yet they find each other through a twist of fate: the gopher Habbi usually flees immediately when it encounters its archenemy - the wolf. But this time everything is different. The little rodent discovers an injured pack animal that urgently needs his help. It is the beginning of an unusual and wonderful, but also not entirely harmless friendship. The audio book is available here.

A classic that should not be missing in any children's book collection are the stories about Pippi Longstocking - the strongest and bravest girl in the world. Day in, day out, she embarks on her adventures with her best friends Tommy and Annika. But her stories about her father, Captain Efraim Longstocking, are also tough. The beauty of it is that you never tire of hearing these stories. Here is the audio book.

The popular children's book author Otfried Preussler invented this character back in the 1960s - and yet she is still as well known today as a sore thumb: Everyone fears Hotzenplotz, even the police. When grandmother's coffee grinder disappears, Seppel and Kasperle want to set a trap for the robber. Unfortunately, they end up being caught themselves and have to get out of this predicament. Here is the audio book.

Little Ida goes to a new school – and at first doesn't feel welcome there at all. Thanks to her teacher, Miss Cornfield, she learns about a magical pet shop that is said to have talking animals. Without further ado, she makes the acquaintance of Rabbat, a helpful fox. And before the class knows it, almost every student has a talking pet that's going to turn the school upside down. Here is the audio book.

In the novel by Michael Ende, a German writer, first published in 1979, the story comes to life: After Bastian Balthasar Bux, who was being shaken by his classmates, stole the book from an antiquarian bookshop, he began to read it - and before he knew it, it was he suddenly part of the plot. Can he save the childlike empress from the land of Phantasién in time? Here is the audio book.

It will soon be that time again: this year countless children will be going to school all over Germany - just like the little dragon coconut. He hasn't been as excited as he was that day for a long time. Equipped with a bulging school cone, he and his parents set off to school. There he met his teacher, Kornelius Kaktus, and other students. Here is the audio book.

The name says it all: "The day grandpa put the kettle on the stove" is the title of this story. It is about a sugar-sweet unicorn who says no to everything - and is therefore called nohorn. When his grandparents are visiting, the grandpa accidentally melts a kettle on the stove, so the family has to sleep in the garden. Water fights and scary stories follow. Here is the audio book.

The stories about old Pettersson and his cat Findus are legendary - this one is all about nature, i.e. animals and plants. Inquisitive children learn many important things about life in the country in this radio play. There is a lot to discover on the farm with its stable animals, not only for the listeners, but also for Pettersson and Findus. Here is the audio book.

Another classic concludes this small round of presentations of audio books: the little ghost. It lives at Eulenstein Castle and wreaks havoc through the walls every night. Always with him: his 13 keys. But actually it would love to experience one day, but how is that supposed to work? But one day this wish will come true, much to the dismay of the Eulenberg citizens. Here is the audio book.

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