Doctor series: Mark Keller about difficult times and the "mountain doctor"

In the long-running ZDF hit "Der Bergdoktor" Mark Keller plays the doctor Dr.

Doctor series: Mark Keller about difficult times and the "mountain doctor"

In the long-running ZDF hit "Der Bergdoktor" Mark Keller plays the doctor Dr. Alexander Kahnweiler and can live out his comedic talent. But his heart beats at least as much for music as for acting. His new album will be released soon, into which he has put a lot of time and love, as he told the German Press Agency in an interview.

Question: You are known as an actor, most recently from "Der Bergdoktor". But you are also a musician. What about this career pillar?

Answer: Very good right now! My album will be released on February 24th. I have worked long and hard on this over the last few years. You can listen to streaming services. It's a really big production, with a symphony orchestra. I think the time is right now, so my focus right now is on the music.

Question: It was like that in the early 1990s.

Answer: Yes, it was easier in the industry back then, people were still selling records, and the composers, studio owners and arrangers all made money from that. Today it is only downloaded. There might be $20,000 for many millions of clicks from a world star. And then he divides it between three people who composed, wrote and wrote the lyrics.

Question: What is your hospital career like - that is, with the "Bergdoktor"?

Answer: It runs wonderfully. On December 29th we start with the 16th season. It was a nice year of shooting and now we hope the season will be well received. Hans Sigl will again pull out all the stops as the "mountain doctor".

Question: And Dr. Kahnweiler – will he still make it to the chief physician?

Answer: That is the big question. But one thing is clear: he perseveres and again with a lot of humor.

Question: Despite medical hardship, the "Bergdoktor" series stands for an ideal world. Is that the formula for success: a break from everyday crisis life?

Answer: Exactly. The audience should be able to reflect on the beautiful and simple things. This is particularly necessary at the moment, the world is crazy enough. My music is designed that way, by the way, so I think it will work.

Question: You play Dr. Kahnweiler since 2008. How much have you become one with the role after so many years?

Answer: I was allowed to help develop the role. There's a lot of me in there, especially the comedy, the facial expressions and the voice. That's why I love the role and I'm grateful that I can play it. And it's a pleasure to be there on location.

Question: The team seems very familiar and very friendly.

Answer: Yes, Hans Sigl has been keeping the entire team together for 16 years with his spirit, his good humor and his energy. The series stands and falls with him, of course. He's rock solid and the rest of us support him as much as we can.

Question: You've been wearing this white doctor's coat as an actor for 16 years. Are you sometimes asked for advice in your private life?

Answer: It happens, but in an ironic way. Then I'm asked: "What would you say as a doctor?" For me, of course, it's all nonsense and I say: "You'd better go to the right doctor. I don't have Dr. Gruber with me to help me."

Personal details: Mark Keller grew up on Lake Constance, where he still lives today. He first attracted attention on TV with an imitation of Dean Martin in the "Rudi Carrell Show" in 1989 on ARD. He later acted in the series "Stars of the South", "Alarm for Cobra 11" and since 2008 in "Der Bergdoktor". Keller makes music and sings, also together with his two sons on social networks.