Diane Keaton honors Miley Cyrus with special video

Miley Cyrus (30) released her new single "Used To Be Young" on Friday (25 August).

Diane Keaton honors Miley Cyrus with special video

Miley Cyrus (30) released her new single "Used To Be Young" on Friday (25 August). The song is about growing up in the spotlight, which inspired actress Diane Keaton (77) to dig through her own photo archive.

Keaton posted a clip on Instagram showing old black and white photos of the actress from a young age. Cyrus' song can be heard in the background. "For Miley," she captioned the video with a heart emoji. Commenting on the special dedication, the musician wrote in the comments column, "This is so touching and exactly why I made this song. As I've been working on this for the past 18 months, I've been like, 'All I want is this to have Diane Keaton dance to it' - and that's even more magical. I love you. Thank you." Keaton responded, "This song is absolutely fabulous. I've always told you you're fabulous and what you've done is amazing. I love you more!"

Cyrus referenced an earlier post by Keaton with her comment, in which she was shown dancing in the countryside to Cyrus' hit "Flowers." "Your beautiful song made me want to dance in my own backyard," the actress explained.

"These lyrics were written almost two years ago at the beginning of Endless Summer Vacation," Cyrus said of the song's release. "It was at a time when I felt misunderstood. I've spent the last 18 months painting a sonic picture of my perspective to share with you." Now is the time to "release a song that I could perfect forever. Although my work is done, this song will continue to write itself every day." The fact that it remains unfinished is part of its beauty. "This is my life at this moment, unfinished and yet complete."

In the video, Cyrus sings, among other things: "I know that I used to be crazy. I know that I used to be funny. You say I used to be wild. I say I used to be young." In the accompanying video, the singer shows herself emotionally and sings the song with tears in her eyes and looking directly into the camera. Her fans also noted that she appears to be paying tribute to her Disney past with her look: The former "Hannah Montana" actress wears a white Mickey Mouse shirt under a red glittery top.

On an Instagram post with a snippet of the video, she writes: "This song is about honoring who we were, loving who we are and celebrating who we are becoming. I'm proud when I reflecting on my past and full of joy when I think about the future." She is grateful to her loyal fans, "who make my dreams come true every day. I am sincerely grateful for their unwavering support. This song is for you."