Developer pays $10M for several Becker College properties

WORCESTER (Mass.-- A developer paid $10 million to purchase 27 properties in Worcester that were once part of the now-defunct Becker College. He said he plans on converting some buildings into single-family homes and affordable market-rate apartments for students.

Developer pays $10M for several Becker College properties

WORCESTER, Mass. - A developer purchased 27 properties in Worcester that used to be part of the now-defunct Becker College. He paid $10 million. He stated that he intends to convert some buildings into single-family residences and affordable apartments for students at market rates.

Russ Haims of Hampton Properties LLC closed the sale Friday. The Telegram & Gazette reported. This deal also includes the purchase 24 buildings and three parking lots.

He said he wanted Elm Park to be protected, as it is his neighborhood.

Haims stated that it was still an attractive area, so it doesn’t need to rebuilt. However, it does require a repositioning.

The city had previously acquired some Becker College properties. Becker's campus in Leicester has been purchased by the city for $20 million.

The college announced in March that it would be closing because of financial strains resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. It graduated its last class in May.

Haims' company already owns several properties in the area.

Haims said that he was worried that the school would try to sell different parcels to different people. Haims also stated that many people don't know the history of the properties. "I've seen the negative impact that a few badly managed properties can have on a neighborhood.

Updated Date: 10 October 2021, 07:06

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