Design ideas: Garden trends 2023: Aim high with raised beds and ponds

Garden owners love their own personal greenery on their doorstep.

Design ideas: Garden trends 2023: Aim high with raised beds and ponds

Garden owners love their own personal greenery on their doorstep. In addition to time, a lot of love is also invested in the design. Personal preferences and the natural properties of the green space determine the possibilities. In addition, new garden trends inspire redesign campaigns.

The appeal of having your own fruit and vegetable patch is obvious: fresh greens taste best. If you can grow it yourself in your own garden, you benefit twice over. On the one hand, tending and tending your own vegetable and orchard is a nice hobby. On the other hand, the harvest can be processed directly into delicious dishes. Incidentally, the secret weapon for successfully growing vegetables and fruit or even herbs is called a raised bed. Fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown particularly well in it because pests have more difficult access and the plants can thrive well protected one floor above the ground. In this stern article you can read how to optimally plant a raised bed.

Garden ponds will also grow taller in 2023. As practical high ponds, the small oases are not only decorative, but also safe for children. A high pond takes place in the ground in a large basin. You can stage the high pond with a small fountain or beautiful plants. Practical: You don't have to work or dig up the earth for a high pond, nor do you have to work for a long time, because the installation is easy. Compact models even fit easily on small terraces or balconies.

There is no doubt that the holiday season will be different this summer as well. The garden trends of 2023 also have something for everyone at home. This makes the garden all the more the focus and expands your own four walls. Inside becomes outside and vice versa. You can create space for the children to run around with a garden trampoline or a practical water slide for the lawn. But not only the children's room finds an extension in the garden, you can also skillfully move the living room and kitchen outside. Not in its entirety, of course, but in part. The former can be wonderfully relocated to the garden as an outdoor home cinema. All you need is a compact projector, screen (with frame) and comfortable outdoor seating. The kitchen can be converted into a seating area including a grill. In 2023, you can dine outside and then watch a film.

Garden owners prefer to lend a hand and design the garden according to their own wishes, but recurring standard tasks in particular, such as mowing the lawn, take time and sometimes get on your nerves. Smart robotic lawn mowers are therefore helpful, as they take care of the lawn and navigate independently through the garden.

The distant travel destination will probably not be there in 2023, so there should not be a little holiday feeling in the home garden. Most probably associate palm trees with summer, sun and beach. For the balcony and the terrace you can take the popular golden fruit palm. It originated in Madagascar and is therefore used to heat and light. However, the golden fruit palm should not be permanently exposed to direct sunlight. The same goes for rain and wind. A sheltered spot on the balcony or terrace is therefore ideal. In winter, the palm tree has to be in, because the cold damages it. On the other hand, jelly palms are more robust and suitable for the garden. They form decorative pink fruits, prefer sunny locations and can overwinter frost-free.

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