“Deadpool 3”: This is what the first trailer reveals

Six years after “Deadpool 2,” the third part is slowly taking shape.

“Deadpool 3”: This is what the first trailer reveals

Six years after “Deadpool 2,” the third part is slowly taking shape. As part of the Super Bowl, the first trailer for the return of Ryan Reynolds' (47) anti-hero was released. The clip offers the biggest surprise at the end: It reveals the official title of “Deadpool 3”. It reads “Deadpool

It was known for a long time that Deadpool would meet his comic adversary Wolverine. Reynolds and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman (55) have been engaged in an amusing duel (not only) on social media for some time now.

However, Wolverine can only be seen from behind in the first trailer. Once sitting and once in action. At the end of the video, Deadpool is lying on the ground. A figure steps over him, whose shadow makes it easy to recognize him as Wolverine. The shadow extends its claws and lunges at Deadpool.

At the beginning of the trailer, fans first see Deadpool alias Wade Wilson - without a mask, but with a grotesque blonde wig. He celebrates his birthday with friends. "I'm the luckiest person in the world," says Wade. In films, such a statement is always a bad sign. And then there's trouble.

Agents from the Time Variance Authority (TVA), who know Marvel ultras from the series “Loki,” among other things, knock on the door. The Guardians of the Timelines want to hire Deadpool to save the multiverse. He should also become a “hero among heroes” - he should fight alongside Marvel superheroes like Hulk or Captain America. Which Wade acknowledges with the words “I am Marvel Jesus”.

“Deadpool 3” marks what was also already known, the title hero’s transition into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With him come the X-Men like Wolverine. The first “Deadpool” film was released in 2016 as an “X-Men” spin-off from 20th Century Fox.

“Deadpool” also remains true to its roots in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and therefore with its parent company Disney. The trailer may allay some fans' fears. There's hard action, blood, humor and meta gags, this time mostly about the MCU and Disney. “Your little cinematic universe will change forever,” Deadpool once says.