Dax Shepard shares how he told his kids about relapse after 16 years of sobriety

Shepard and wife Kristen Bell share two daughters, Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6.

Dax Shepard shares how he told his kids about relapse after 16 years of sobriety

Dax Shepard opens up about the story he told his daughters last year about his relapse.

The 46-year-old "Bless This Mess” star said that he and Kristen Bell have been open with their daughters, Lincoln, 8 and Delta, 6 about their father's drug and alcohol addictions. Shepard said that their daughters know that dad attends an AA meeting every Tuesday or Thursday on a recent episode of the "In Fact With Chelsea Clinton" podcast.

Lincoln tried actually to get into an AA meeting with Shepard once.

"One of the most adorable moments was when I wished to say that my oldest daughter was three years old -- back in those days when my daughters wanted to be with me 24 hrs a day -- and she asked, 'Where are your going?' He recalled that I replied, "I'm going back to AA." "She asked, "Why are you going to AA?" "She said, "Why do you have to go?"

"And she asked, 'Can you go?' "And she said, Can I go?'" I replied, 'Well, no. You have to be an alcoholic. He laughed and said, "I'm going to be an alcoholic."

"I said, You might become one. Shepard said that the odds of you becoming one are not in your favor but they're still not right.

After being in an accident on a motorcycle last summer, Shepard started to use opioid painkillers. He and Bell decided to share the truth with their daughters about their relapse.

They knew I had relapsed. He explained that Daddy had taken these pills for his surgery, and that Daddy was a bad boy, so he began taking his own pills.

He said, "Yeah. We tell them everything."

Podcast host "Armchair Expert", who has been open about his struggles with addiction, stated that he was initially embarrassed to have fallen off the wagon.

He shared that he had to attend his f ------ meeting, which he'd been attending for 16 years. "It was terrible," he said. It was strangely difficult because it had been so hard before. I had created this identity around 16 years of sobriety. I loved 16 years of sobriety. It was a great topic to discuss on the podcast. It was a pleasure to inspire people towards sobriety.

He said, "I was holding on to that so much. "I was afraid of losing that."

Date Of Update: 17 October 2021, 13:41

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