Dating format: In the show “Marriage Market” parents match up

Finding someone to live with is not easy.

Dating format: In the show “Marriage Market” parents match up

Finding someone to live with is not easy. Many women and men therefore trust the algorithms of dating platforms. Would it perhaps be more expedient to put the problem in the hands of your own parents?

A new dating format on television is testing just that. At "The Marriage Market" parents look for partners for their adult children. ProSieben opens this marketplace of love for the first time on Thursday (10 August) at 8:15 p.m. during prime time.

ProSieben has recently had good success with Dating on Thursday. The dome format "Beauty

"We're looking for something serious because I'd like to be a grandmother," says the well-meaning mother Gabriela (50), for example. "Somehow it didn't work out. Maybe he's too perfect?" Says Lina (62) about her son. "He has to get off his high horse. I don't pay attention to his bottom, breasts, hair or tattoos. We want to help him so that there are also many pretty women who tick differently than he thinks," announces Petra (57 ) about Filius Philipp's bride show.

The young participants are quite willing to experiment, but some are puzzled about the choice of their parents. For example Jennie. "Pretty as a picture, that's totally Jenny's taste," Grandma Ursula (72) is sure. The 29-year-old from Dresden thinks: "Why mom and grandma chose him is a good question. I wouldn't have thought of that."

Juliette (22) from Leipzig says straight out: "Normally that wouldn't be my type of man. My demands are also very high. But I finally have to open myself up to something new." Philipp (27, Bad Segeberg) is enthusiastic about the date that was arranged for him: "Her beautiful face, her fantastic eyes, her beautiful hair, and this well-trained body. She has a nice big bust size, absolute crack butt. So I think so , that will harmonize very, very well."

Annemarie Carpendale hosts the spectacle, which was filmed on the Croatian island of Hvar. According to Carpendale, the parents were not always neutral. There was also a mother "who was clearly interested in her potential son-in-law herself".