"Damn you again": Amy Adams returns as Giselle

After 15 years the wait is finally over.

"Damn you again": Amy Adams returns as Giselle

After 15 years the wait is finally over. Amy Adams (48) and Patrick Dempsey (56) return as Giselle and Robert in The Curse, the sequel to 2007's Curse. The film, which like the first part is a mix of live action and animation, will start on November 18th on the Disney streaming service. That's what awaits the fans of "Enchanted" in the second part of the fairytale comedy.

The story centers on Giselle (Amy Adams), who lives in the fantasy kingdom of Andalasia. One day, Prince Edward (James Marsden, 49) falls in love with the singing beauty, and the two decide head over heels to marry. But Giselle and Edward did not reckon with his mother Narissa (Susan Sarandon, 76), the Queen of Andalasia. She fears her son might want to take the throne after the wedding - so she decides to act. Disguised as an old woman, she throws Giselle into a wishing well on the wedding day, which turns out to be a gateway to the real world.

Giselle finds herself in New York City, more precisely in the middle of Times Square. Confused and disturbed, she meets the divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his little daughter Morgan, who take Giselle into their home for the time being. However, Giselle's overnight stay with Robert causes resentment from his girlfriend Nancy (Idina Menzel, 51) - an argument ensues and Robert tries to get rid of Giselle as quickly as possible.

However, Robert's plan fails and instead of moving away from Giselle, he grows closer to her. Meanwhile, Prince Edward makes his way to New York to find his fiancée. However, Giselle now has other plans than marrying the prince. She finds it difficult to imagine returning to Andalasia. And that shouldn't remain Giselle's only problem. Queen Narissa also makes them search for her to poison her herself.

A few years have passed and Giselle, Robert, Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino, 20) and baby Sophia are still living happily in New York - but are they really happy there? One day, Giselle sees the advert for the suburb of Monroeville, which reminds her of her fairytale life in Andalasia. A little later, the family finds itself in Monroeville. At first, everyone but teenage Morgan is more than comfortable. But that's about to change when Giselle meets Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph, 50), who acts like the queen of the suburbs.

The bossy Malvina disturbs Giselle's picture of dream life in the small town. That's why she uses the magic of Andalasia to wish for a life like in a fairy tale. But this wish goes horribly wrong. Monroeville becomes a fairytale village with a dread queen - Malvina. But that's not all: Giselle, who is Morgan's lovely stepmother, suddenly transforms into a stereotypically evil stepmother and makes Morgan's life hell.

On top of that, Giselle is running out of time. If she doesn't manage to reverse the curse in time, her world will forever be like in a fairy tale. Perhaps the time has come for brave Morgan to save her family and the entire city?

After about 15 years, Amy Adams is singing with her animal friends again - like a real Disney princess does. The children who grew up with "Verweihe" are now adults. The world has changed, and yet there's a familiar, enchanting feel to "The Enchanted Again." "It made me so happy to come back now and celebrate the joy that Giselle brought. I realized how special her optimism is. And that optimism is something that is really needed," says Amy Adams in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

"When I first played Giselle, I loved her so much," the actress continued. However, at this time she wanted to develop her career and try other roles. "I don't know if I valued her like I should have at the time," she explains.

"Verweihe wieder" is enchanting from the very first minute. The sequel shows a major change in Giselle's life and shows how she overcomes dangers and problems despite her naivety and gullibility. The costumes, the singing and the dance interludes perfectly combine the visual with the story. "Enchanted Again" invites you to dream and not only inspires today's children, but also those who grew up with "Enchanted".

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