Dad speaks out about drowning dangers after a 13-year old nearly drowns in a campground

After pleading for prayers during his son's recovery, Dave Snook became a viral sensation on TikTok

Dad speaks out about drowning dangers after a 13-year old nearly drowns in a campground

After his son drowned in a swimming pool, he became a father to three children from Michigan.

Dave Snook, Wixom resident, stated that he would never allow his son to go near water without a life jacket.

Snook, 52, said that "like clockwork, we say to Andy, 'Andy' when we know he's going swimming.

Snook claims that he wasn't informed that his 13-year old son Andrew "Andy", Snook, would be swimming the following day at Kampgrounds of America campground Petersburg, Michigan.

Andy was camping with his friends and another family member when he tried to swim across the pond with one of his friends, Chief Deputy David Buchko from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said to FOX.

Snook claimed that he had received five missed calls about the incident, before speaking to "a complete stranger."

"The person was stricken with a heavy breathing and said that she felt like she was running a marathon. I knew there was something wrong. He drowned and then died," Snook said.

Multiple requests to KOA for comment were turned down.

KOA spokesperson replied in an email that "Out of respect Andy's family,"

Andy, nearly 6' tall, was swimming in 10 feet water.

Buchko said that Andrew was not behind Andrew when the alert went off.

Police confirmed that Andy was found by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, and that a member from the dive team saved him.

Andy was transported to Toledo Hospital in Toledo Ohio where he was placed on a ventilator. After two weeks, Andy was transferred to Cleveland Clinic where he had been receiving multiple neurological tests.

Over the years, there have been drownings at KOA campground 15600 Tunnicliffe Road, Summerfield Township. Buchko's records indicate that the last drowning occurred in 2011.

Reports indicate that a 53 year-old Detroit resident disappeared from the campground on July 30, 2011. The victim was reported to have been missing since July 30, 2011. Diver teams and water rescue workers spent hours looking for him.

According to Monroe County sheriffs, a 33-year old man from Toledo, Ohio was declared dead on the spot after drowning at the same campground in 2008. __S.23__

According to statistics from World Health Organization, drowning accounts for 7% of all injuries-related deaths worldwide. There are approximately 236,000 drowning deaths annually. __S.25__

A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published July 12 shows that around 75% of drowned children and teens are boys. Teenage girls are 10 times more likely than their male counterparts to drown. __S.27__