Cozy and chic: Oversize dress trend 2023: How to get cozy through the winter

Everyone loves it: the oversize look.

Cozy and chic: Oversize dress trend 2023: How to get cozy through the winter

Everyone loves it: the oversize look. Everyone has at least one oversize dress hanging in their closet. Because it is versatile. Whether lounging on the couch or as an everyday look in the office: the loose dress always works. There are no limits to the possible combinations. Anything that pleases is allowed with the oversize look. Necklaces, earrings, handbags

The English word "oversize" means "oversized". What is meant is clothing that is deliberately worn a few sizes too big. In addition to the dress, oversize sweaters, jackets or pants are popular. The oversize look was shaped by the American hip-hop scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Run DMC, N.W.A., Public Enemy

If you like it particularly cozy and like to pull the hood over your head, you will feel comfortable in the hoodie dress. With slightly transparent tights and an elegant bag, the sofa look is transformed into a cool everyday outfit that can be seen at work. And the oversize part is still in the foreground of the outfit.

At first glance, the dress is reminiscent of a nightgown. But with the right accessories, the bed look is spiced up. A waist belt shapes curves into the outfit. A clutch conjures elegance. And a pair of white sneakers complete the look. No bed – with this oversized shirt dress you can go straight to the club.

On cold winter days, this oversize dress will warm your heart – and your neck. You can safely leave the scarf at home. The turtleneck protects the neck from the cold. With a belt around the waist, the outfit becomes an eye-catcher. Complete it with over-the-knee boots or chunky chunky boots.

They are a bit reminiscent of a trend from the 90s: the good old denim dresses. The blue eye-catchers with an oversize cut are more modern than ever in 2023. Combine the trendy look with a few sparkling accessories. Hoop earrings, stud earrings or a chain make the casual outfit elegant.

It's the opposite of the little black dress: the playful oversize boho dress. Due to the ruffles and the balloon sleeves, the dress falls gently and lies loosely on the skin. High boots and shiny jewelry turn the cute girl's dress into an elegant going-out style.

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