Cozily spooky on the couch: series for binge-watching on Halloween

It's going to be scary again, because many people in Germany are now celebrating the spooky Halloween festival.

Cozily spooky on the couch: series for binge-watching on Halloween

It's going to be scary again, because many people in Germany are now celebrating the spooky Halloween festival. If you prefer to spend the evening comfortably on the couch and enjoy a scarily beautiful series, you could have fun with one of these suggestions. The selection includes series from the broader areas of horror and mystery, which can be accessed from a streaming service available in Germany and do not have to be bought or rented separately.

How about an absolute classic from the 90s? In "The X Files: The Uncanny Cases of the FBI", two US security agency agents deal with all sorts of inexplicable phenomena and puzzling occurrences somewhere between horror, fantasy, crime and science fiction. Not only Gillian Anderson (54) and David Duchovny (62) have absolute cult status in their roles as Scully and Mulder. The series is also considered a milestone in modern mystery entertainment. In Germany, "Akte X" can be seen at Disney, among others.

Who hasn't at least heard of "Stranger Things"? The mystery series is one of Netflix's most popular productions and has recently enjoyed great success with its fourth season. The recipe for success: "Stranger Things" not only has numerous horror elements to offer, but also celebrates the 80s and often offers countless references to pop culture with a wink. If then a likeable group of kids and teenagers around Millie Bobby Brown (18) as Eleven is involved in supernatural events and secret experiments, the popcorn entertainment is almost perfect.

"American Horror Story" follows an unusual approach. The anthology tells completed stories in its individual seasons, but always brings back well-known actors in mostly completely new roles for further seasons. While the first season is still playing in a horror house, the others go to a mental institution, a hotel or a summer camp, among other things. Sarah Paulson (47) and Evan Peters (35) in particular are convincing, along with many other talented colleagues. The series is available for streaming at Disney, where the offshoot "American Horror Stories" is also available.

Just in time for Halloween, "Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities" has just appeared on Netflix. Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro (58) is, among other things, the creator and executive producer of the horror anthology series, which tells a different story in each episode. For the implementation, he brought different directors on board, including Jennifer Kent (53), who caused horror in German cinemas in 2015 with "Der Babadook".

Against an imposing mountain backdrop, Julia Jentsch (44) and Nicholas Ofczarek (51) are on the trail of a serial killer in "Der Pass". The German-language production between crime thriller and thriller knows how to convince with visually stunning shots, depressing atmosphere and mystery influences. Especially the outstanding game Ofczareks is a show. There are currently two seasons of Sky's own production on offer from Wow, and at least the first season is currently being shown in the ZDF media library.

"The Walking Dead" is not without controversy. The zombie series based on a template by Robert Kirkman (43) initially enjoyed great popularity. A lot was offered: action, horror, interpersonal drama. But some wished that the series would finally shuffle to its end over the years. The eleventh season will soon be over, but there are already several spin-offs and more are planned. The whole thing can be seen on Amazon Prime Video and Disney.

The series "Haunted Hill House" is based on the novel of the same name by the writer Shirley Jackson (1916-1965), which has already been filmed several times. The true horror of the slowly told reinterpretation is above all the trauma that five siblings have to deal with after their family escaped from a haunted house. As adults, they must confront the past after their youngest sister commits suicide. Like the follow-up series "Haunted at Bly Manor", viewers can stream "Haunted at Hill House" on Netflix.

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