Costumes and camels: On your mark! Complete. Come on! The five funniest carnival games for children

The fools can hardly sleep because of the anticipation of the carnival week.

Costumes and camels: On your mark! Complete. Come on! The five funniest carnival games for children

The fools can hardly sleep because of the anticipation of the carnival week. In the north, east, south and west, young and old revelers are looking forward to the great days. The party preparations are in full swing between Kiel and Konstanz. There should also be a real bang in your own four walls. The following tips could be of interest to anyone who is planning a children's carnival and is still looking for ideas for small games.

A timeless classic, it's probably the funniest (and loudest) party dance, suitable for any children's party. In colorful costumes, the hunt for the balloons is even more fun. Especially when the magical unicorn "skewers" the fierce pirate or Pokémon Pikachu goes to the cheeky Pumuckl's laundry for fun. In the most popular version of the game, every dance-mad party participant ties their leg in a balloon. On a previously agreed command, the music starts and the hunt for the colorful balloons begins. The aim is to burst as many of the other participants' balloons as possible with your feet.

This game for two to eight small and large racers requires nimble hands. To set it up, you need the appropriate number of toy cars, a roll of slightly thicker string and a dozen used toilet paper or kitchen rolls. A small hole is punched in the middle of the cardboard roll with a pointed object. Then thread through one of the cords cut to the same length (recommendation: approx. 150 cm) and knot at one end. Now thread the other end through one of the toy cars and also fix it with a knot. Finally, wrap the strings onto the cardboard tube until the car is completely rolled up. That is exactly the aim of the game. Whoever winds up their car completely first wins the race. It is best for the children to sit on the floor. All cords are unwound and placed at a starting line. On command, they begin to wrap and set their car in motion.

Tip: Buy a slightly larger pack of cars (e.g. from Hot Wheels) so that each guest can take their favorite vehicle home as a gift.

Sweets and snacks are part of carnival parties like donuts and costumes. Small games can be used to make the uncontrolled binge a little more entertaining. The chocolate kiss eating contest is a classic. The participants sit at a table with their hands behind their backs. Everyone gets a chocolate kiss (normal size, not the minis). The winner is the person who eats the sticky treat the fastest and without using their hands. Important: Have washcloths or wet wipes ready to get the children's faces smeared with chocolate clean afterwards.

If you are more into salty things, it is best to include pretzel limbo in the party program. In addition to a small supply of salty pretzels, you only need two chairs and a string to thread the salty biscuits. Before you can start, the pretzels have to be threaded onto the string. Now attach the loops to the ends of the string on the chairs. Depending on the size of the children, the "limbo bar" is first adjusted to a fair height so that the participants can dance under the cord and nibble on pretzels. With each pass, the line slides down a bit. The last person to get under the line without losing their balance wins

A carnival party is only half the fun without music. And when the kids are allowed to sing their favorite songs themselves, the bear will really be tap-dancing at the children's carnival. This RockJam karaoke machine is easy to use. Smartphone or tablet on, both microphones on and off you go the wild ride. You can even connect the Smart TV to the machine via Bluetooth, for example. This allows the lyrics to be displayed a little larger. According to the manufacturer, the battery supplies the device with the 5-watt speakers for up to four hours. That's easily enough for a fun karaoke afternoon.

Only those who have drunk enough target water win here. Many people know the well-known and popular throwing of cans from the fair or the Christmas market. This can throwing set can also be set up at home in no time at all. Depending on the age of the children, choose a suitable distance and let them throw the little bags at the cans one after the other. Whoever has cleared the ten cans with the colorful smileys with the fewest attempts wins the game.

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