Coronation: Off the record: downpour and a yawning prince

For weeks we had been meticulously planning what should happen when: 10.

Coronation: Off the record: downpour and a yawning prince

For weeks we had been meticulously planning what should happen when: 10.53 a.m. local time arrival at Westminster Abbey, 2.15 p.m. waving from the balcony. But even with an event of this dimension, not everything can be planned in advance. An overview of the small, unplanned moments of surprise.

The Escapades of Prince Louis

The youngest royal created the most atmosphere: when the royal family appeared, five-year-old Prince Louis indicated with his hands that he would alternately play the piano and drums on the balcony railing. In between, he formed his hand into a kind of claw and waved it at the crowd. Before the service, he visibly let it be known that two hours of historic ceremony for a five-year-old is too much of a good thing: he fidgeted, disappeared in between and yawned with his mouth open right after his grandfather's coronation. Last year, the son of Prince William and Princess Kate had delighted with his grimaces at the throne anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Schedule

For a short time, the meticulous schedule got out of step - but not because of a delay. Apparently the carriage with Charles and Camilla reached Westminster Abbey a little too early. At least the two had to wait a few minutes in the ornate carriage built in honor of Queen Elizabeth's 60th jubilee in 2012. Or was it a planned short breather before the coronation?

Prince Harry's flying visit

Prince Harry was there - but kept his stay as short as possible, according to "Mail" exactly 28 hours and 42 minutes. Shortly after the coronation procession, a police escort reportedly took him to London's Heathrow Airport, from where he began the journey home to his wife Meghan and children. In Westminster Abbey, Harry had to sit in the third row with his cousins, because he has been deeply at odds with his nuclear family since several interviews and his memoirs at the latest. The fact that Harry is partly obscured by Princess Anne's elaborate headdress in the row in front of him caused ridicule.

The Stoic King

During the service in Westminster Abbey, the main character hardly ever moved a face: stoically and concentrated Charles III. endure the ceremony. It wasn't until his wife Camilla was crowned that a smile crossed his face. It was Charles' mother's express wish for Camilla to be crowned Queen. During Charles' earlier affair with Camilla - when he was still married to Princess Diana - Camilla was still very unpopular with the British people. In the meantime, she has firmly established herself in the royal family.

The stranger with the sword

Who is this woman? That's what many asked on Twitter when Charles was presented with the jeweled sword of state in Westminster Abbey. The answer: the conservative MP Penny Mordaunt in a petrol blue dress, who is the chairwoman of the so-called Privy Council and surprisingly became a secret star. She wanted to be prime minister last year. The sword symbolizes royal power, but also the monarch's acceptance of his duties.

The burden on your head

The diamond-studded crowns, while visually impressive, are not the most practical headgear. Queen Elizabeth II once said in an interview: You should never lower your head with the crown on your head and risk it falling off. "Otherwise it breaks your neck," she added with a smile. Camilla, in particular, initially seemed at ease with the unfamiliar burden of Queen Mary's crown. She raised her hand several times as if to support the crown.

The Police Zero Tolerance Line

Police custody instead of a coronation party: the London police arrested several troublemakers. Opponents of the monarchy and climate activists used the coronation to protest, and the police cracked down with the aim of ensuring trouble-free operations. Shortly before the major royal event, the right to demonstrate has been drastically tightened.

The sodden masses

Bad timing: With the coronation ceremony about to begin, the capital lived up to the stereotype of British weather. The procession also took place in the drizzle. Tens of thousands of royal fans therefore persevered completely soaked to take a quick look at the royal couple.

The addition

King Charles III was freshly crowned. with his wife Camilla, who was also crowned, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. After a lot of waving, the door to the balcony closed again. Only a short time later, king and king showed themselves to the people again. But there was no other encore - unlike Queen Elizabeth, who, according to the Royal Collection Trust, had five encores after her coronation 70 years ago.